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Quote1.png There is nothing to be done... Earth's fate is decided. Quote2.png
Uatu the Watcher

Appearing in "Rapture"

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Vehicles: Akkaba Ark (Apocalypse Twins)

Synopsis for "Rapture"

On the Apocalypse Ark, Havok & Captain America are ploughing through a gang of monsters when suddenly Havok teleports away in a burst of chaos magic.

Around the world, mutants vanish under similar circumstances. Few have even an inkling of what is happening. One of the few who does is Wolverine, who is fighting Grim Reaper & Daken in the garden of the Apocalypse Ark. As he is teleported away, Grim Reaper gloats: the mutants worked against themselves, and so they failed. He knows what the Apocalypse Twins are planning, and he is eager to see it. The Twins themselves are gloating. Eimin's chronopathy has allowed them to stop any efforts against them.

On a barren world, the Wasp runs from Sentry. She manages to fake him out, making a run at the Tachyon Dam, the device they were told was keeping time-travel reinforcements from arriving. However, just before she gets there, the Apocalypse Twins teleport themselves and their equipment away. But before she can react, Wasp gets jumped by Sentry, who starts reciting poetry. She fights back, but he uses his Void powers to stop, even after she shoots him in the face. In fact, he tears his own head apart, revealing the horrible truth: his Death Seed has activated, turning him into the new Apocalypse.

Suddenly, Thor descends on the fight, drawing Sentry's wrath. The Horseman rants that repentance is the only to avoid punishment, but Wasp summons a colossal worm that attacks the Sentry.

On the Apocalypse Ark, Captain America sneaks up on the twins. They gloat that Scarlet Witch died serving them. Captain America ambushes them, hoping to avenge his friends... only to be caught by Uriel. They saw him coming. Now he will watch their final plan.

A hole opens in space, from which emerges a cosmic god. It is Exitar the Executioner, deathbringer on the Celestials. Seeing this, Thor takes himself & Wasp to the Moon, where he asks for the Watchher's assistance. The Watcher explains: Exitar was summoned by the murder of the Celestial by the Apocalypse Twins... using Jarnbjorn, the axe Thor enchanted to slay Apocalypse, all those centuries ago.

For this hubris, Earth will burn. Neither man, mutant nor god can stand against the Celestials' wrath...

Solicit Synopsis

• After the numerous deaths last issue the Avengers Unity Squad is left shattered and broken.

• The fate of humanity rests in the hands of Thor, but can the God of Thunder defeat the combined might of two Apocalypses?

• At the same time the Wasp fights for her life against the unparalleled might of The Sentry!


  • Puck is apparently raptured along with X-Force's mutant members, despite not being a mutant himself.

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