Thor Odinson (Earth-13133) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 19 001.jpg
You waged a war, little bird. Now see how wars are won. Would-be kings burnt to ash!
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Uriel (Mutant) (Earth-13133) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 16 001.jpg
Stop! This was not foretold! I serve the will of the cosmos!
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Thor Odinson (Earth-13133) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 19 001.jpg
I care NOT.
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Appearing in "Yesterday Didn't Exist"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Yesterday Didn't Exist"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

• The main event! Thor vs. Uriel! Feral and vengeful after the death of a teammate, Thor is a mad God out for blood!

• The heroes of Earth rally to stop the unimaginable evil the Twins have released!

• In order to stop the Twins, The Wasp must do something that will curse her evermore!


  • Namor and Sabra appear among Earth's last defenders, despite mutantkind already being raptured to the Akkaba space ark.

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