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Quote1.png Mutants are the ultimate invading foreigners. You are their greatest fear -- and rightfully so. Quote2.png
Red Skull

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Synopsis for "Skullduggery"

Wolverine comes across the scene of Avalanche's massacre and finds Captain America, Thor and Havok there. Wolverine tells Cap that Avalanche was reformed and that he doesn't believe he'd be capable of something like this. Captain America agrees, saying that his eyes were vacant. Thor declares that he will no longer stand idly by and watch humans and mutants fight each other anymore.

Cap tells Wolverine that Havok has agreed to lead the squad and appeal to the mutant and human communities. Wolverine dismises the idea, saying that there is no such thing as a mutant community and that it's just the same nonsense Cyclops was spouting. He appears to change his mind however, when an elderly human who Havok saved gives Havok a hug and tells him he doesn't care what they say about mutants.

Meanwhile, the Red Skull is appearing on television and using his telepathic powers to make humans kill mutants all over the world. Meanwhile, Rogue is approached by her captors, two of whom have arrived to feed her. Rogue manages to steal Dancing Water's powers and teleports away.

Meanwhile, Red Skull watches over the sleeping form of the Scarlet Witch and contemplates that despite the fact that she is a mutant, gypsy, and a jew, she is beautiful and deceptively human. He wakes her and she attempts to fight him off. He remarks that what she did when trying to save Rogue was remarkably brave, and tells her that he learned of her father's mutant powers during the war, but that he was distracted by duty before he could focus his attentions on him. He shows Wanda his "School for Gifted Humans" and tells her that he believes they have interjecting interests, like her attempt to erase mutantkind. Wanda tells him that she'll never share any insights with the likes of him.

Skull explains that for him, 1942 was mere months ago and that Arnim Zola recorded his consciousness in a cloned body, which was preserved in a safe bunker to be awakened 70 years later. Skull woke to find the climate in America to be very similar to that before the rise of Nazi Germany and that mutants were the ultimate scapegoats for a country looking for someone to blame. Wanda attempts to excuse what she did, but the Red Skull uses Xavier's powers to brainwash her, and she tells him that with enough casting time and an immense source of power, she can erase mutantkind again.

Skull is interrupted by a telepathic missive, telling him that Rogue has escaped. As he goes to find her, Rogue appears and attacks Wanda. A fight breaks out, but after accidentally fighting their way into the location of Xavier's brainless corpse, Wanda snaps out of her mind-controlled state. Rogue remembers how Xavier stood up for her against the rest of the X-Men when she first joined, and vows to kill the Red Skull. They are interrupted by the arrival of the Red Skull and his team.

Solicit Synopsis

• What are The Red Skull’s new powers? How did he become the most powerful man on Earth? • Can Havok and Thor defeat the spreading influence of Honest John, The Living Propaganda?! • Rogue and Scarlet Witch trapped on the Isle of the Red Skull’s S-Men! • Wolverine & Captain America: uncover the truth behind the worldwide mutant assassination epidemic!


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