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Synopsis for "Let's Get Well"

It has been months since the Unity Squad defeated Kang and the Chronos Corps. With most of its roster in need of recuperation, the team has been inactive. Scarlet Witch has been helping Wasp deal with the loss of her daughter by staying with her. But today they come back to New York, because today is the day the patients are released. On the roof of Avengers Mansion, the duo meet Wolverine and Steve Rogers, such as Rogers' depowering, Wolverine's depowering, Wasp's loss, and the need to go forward with friends.

In the medical bay, Beast has been working to heal Banshee, Rogue, Havok and Sunfire. Havok's mutation means that healing the scars from Kang's cosmic powers is impossible; meanwhile, healing Banshee of the Death Seed energy that make him a Horseman of Apocalypse will take years and highly-advanced technology. But the time has come to release the Avengers. Wasp is worried that she will blame Havok for the loss of their daughter... a feeling that lasts about a second, before they embrace.

For Rogue, however, there is a problem. She has Wonder Man's powers and minds stuck inside her, and her powers have destabilized so that she will unconsciously absorb the mind of anyone who touches her skin. Reacting violently, she flies through the streets of New York breaking things before Wanda, whose idea it originally was, tracks her down. Rogue accuses Wanda of purposefully arranging this, but Wanda rejects this, and vows to find a way to free Wonder Man and fix Rogue.

Back at the mansion, Havok and Wasp are trying to come to terms with the loss of their daughter. They are suddenly met by a hologram of Immortus, who explains that thanks to Kang's actions, the seven futures he drew his forces from were neutralised, and a new future is being created right now, under the guardianship of Immortus and his Infinity Watch. Havok and Wasp could be a part of that. He makes them an offer: if they can stay together as a couple, he will give them a day and date. The child they concieve on that day will, he assures them, be the chronal duplicate of their lost daughter. In exchange, he asks that they stay together and support each other. Because a shadow is coming, one that may taint the future and wreck everything unless they can stop it.

On Genosha, the Red Skull is arranging a plan with Arnim Zola. He needs specific people in his custody for it to work, and dispatches the S-Men to the Jean Grey School to get some. Then he turns to his new ally, Ahab, who was left in the past by Kang as a final revenge against the Unity Squad. Red Skull ponders what Kang hopes to gain from this arrangement, but then admits that with his telepathy, he has seen what the people of Earth-811 achieved, and is, he admits, slightly jealous that he did not think sooner of solving the problem of his superhuman enemies in their method: with concentration camps...

Solicit Synopsis

• Uncanny Avengers reunited!

• The threat of Kang is over, but what are the repercussions?

• Meet the new faces of the Marvel Universe!


  • The balcony upon which Red Skull & Ahab end the issue seems to be similar to the one their counterparts were seen on when Kang recruited Ahab during "Avenge the Earth".

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