Quote1.png That's the only reason this war with the mutants is happening at all. Medusa and her people have to defend the cloud, since with no crystals, the cloud is the only way future Inhuman generation will be able to access their powers. But at the same time, the mutants have to destroy it, since it's poisonous to them. If only we had the formula for Terrigen crystals, right? We could make more. The cloud wouldn't matter. The mutants could destroy it, and we could keep the crystals safe in New Attilan or wherever -- everyone's happy. Quote2.png
-- Maximus the Mad

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• The Inhumans are at war with the X-Men, and right now, the X-Men seem to have the upper hand.

• It’s during perilous times like these that heroes prove their mettle. Unfortunately for the Inhuman race, their usual heroes have been captured.

• So who’s the only hope of salvation? Why, Maximus the Mad, of course!

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