Appearing in "If Looks Could Kill"

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Synopsis for "If Looks Could Kill"

When a beautiful woman cheats a smitten scientist out of ten thousand dollars to gamble with, he gets revenge by transforming her ageless beauty into stone.

Appearing in "The Hungry Jaws"

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Synopsis for "The Hungry Jaws"

A plantation owner attempts to buy time to ignite a moat defense against swarming ants by sacrificing his workers to them, but even though the ploy works, the ants cross over the burning moat by crossing over the dead ant corpses and kill him.

Appearing in "The Mental Case"

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Synopsis for "The Mental Case"

A psychologist treats a man who claims to have a demon in his head and ends up with it himself.

Appearing in "Joe's Weak Spot"

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Synopsis for "Joe's Weak Spot"

A man finds that he cannot be the boxer he wants to be with his literal glass jaw.

Appearing in "The Man Who Changed"

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Changed"

A timid, unimpressive man stays behind to witness an H Bomb test on an island with the guinea pigs figuring that any change will be an improvement. The bomb flash blinds and burns him, but when he recovers in the hospital, he finds that he has grown taller, powerfully built and handsome. He resolves to leave the institution, although the personnel attempt to restrain him for fear of his contamination, and marry the girl he's wild about. She reacts in fear to his presence though, and all people shun him. He returns to the test island where the guinea pigs accept him.


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