Appearing in "One Second Till Doom"

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Synopsis for "One Second Till Doom"

Pierre wants to be remembered after his death so he creates a replacement for the contest to build a new clock tower. His executioner swings his ax upon the hour but the judges find his entry too morbid and reject it. Not taking no for an answer, Pierre attempts to install his work in the clock tower by himself but gets tangled in the ropes. When it tolls midnight Pierre becomes a victim of his mechanical executioner.

Appearing in "The Last Vampire"

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Synopsis for "The Last Vampire"

A lonely vampire is lured into a trap by a woman pretending to be a female vampire.

Appearing in "One Little Man"

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Synopsis for "One Little Man"

Eric is a Nazi war criminal who flees to Africa when he becomes convinced that Germany will lose the war. He becomes separated from his camp by a sandstorm and crawls across the dunes seeking water. When he sees harem girls in the middle of the desert he convinces himself it is merely a mirage and crawls off in another direction to die. The girls were actually there because a studio is shooting a desert film on location.

Appearing in "The Machine Age"

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Synopsis for "The Machine Age"

In the year 2022 there is only one human left because he has ordered machines to eliminate any potential rivals. He commits suicide due to loneliness.

Appearing in "The Face In The Mirror"

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Synopsis for "The Face In The Mirror"

Zelda makes a deal with a witch doctor for beauty but he stipulates that she must never look into a mirror. Eventually the temptation becomes too much for her and she attempts to sneak a peek but every mirror she glances at cracks. She rushes down the stairs but trips and falls on her face, which...cracks.

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