Appearing in "Who's Who?"

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Synopsis for "Who's Who?"

A masterful plastic surgeon is having an affair with his assistant's wife and she thinks her husband will not grant her a divorce so he switches faces with his assistant thinking he can lose his wealth and begin again, but try as he might, he cannot convince the woman that he is not her husband but the man she really loves.

Appearing in "Death!"

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Synopsis for "Death!"

A man wants a superstitious peasant girl for his wife, so when her husband is deathly ill, he gets the idea to disguise himself as Death and come during the night to carry off the husband. What he doesn't count on is the woman's fierce will to fight for her husband and she stabs him in the back. When she realizes who he is, the real Death appears and says that though he came for someone else, this one will suffice. Death leaves with the body of the slain man, sparing the woman's husband.

Appearing in "Wish You Were Here!"

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Synopsis for "Wish You Were Here!"

A man finds a stagecoach that takes him back to the year 1880.

Appearing in "The Last Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Last Man!"

A man joins a club with a vampire where the goal is to outlive all other members.

Appearing in "Escape"

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Synopsis for "Escape"

An escaped convict holds up a store for cash and the owner tosses hot pepper into his eyes. Blinded, he grabs a passerby and orders him to drive the getaway vehicle or he'll shoot. The man tells him he can't drive a car, but the crook tells him that tonight he's going to learn. His vision starts to clear and he gets a look at the person he has pressed into driving and sees that he's had the bad luck to grab a blind person off the street just before they go over a cliff.

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