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Appearing in "How?"

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Synopsis for "How?"

When a man commits robberies and fingerprints and eyewitness accounts don't jibe with the individual the police apprehend they are surprised to discover that the criminal they are pursuing is a pair of dwarfs which take turns standing on each other's shoulders under a disguise.

Appearing in "The Spider Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Spider Man!"

A crazy professor attempts to breed an army of conquering giant spiders with two male spiders.

Appearing in "Don't Count Your Chickens"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Don't Count Your Chickens"

A professor realizes that planets are actually eggs and eventually the creature growing in the Earth's core will hatch destroying all life upon the surface of Earth.

Appearing in "Fair Exchange"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Fair Exchange"

A conman from the future exchanges diamonds for uranium with a man in the past who owns low grade uranium mines. The future man wants the stuff because, as it moves forward in time, it becomes a better grade of uranium. When the diamonds go backward in time, however, the mine owner realizes he's been cheated as he winds up with lumps of coal.

Appearing in "Saucer Scare"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Saucer Scare"

Invading Martians take advantage of a newspaper writer who turns in a hoax story about a flying saucer landing to use his home as a forward base since no one will believe anything he tells them. They tell him all their invasion plans because they know no one will believe. He sees a headline about a hydrogen bomb test in the desert, so he prints a story about the invading Martian fleet traveling through the desert and they take his route figuring no one will expect an attack from that route and are caught in the bomb blast.

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