Appearing in "Power Mad!"

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Synopsis for "Power Mad!"

A chemist thinks that he has invented a compound that makes people obey him because he gave some to a dog and the dog obeys him. He goes to a small town and convinces the people to drive out the mayor and install him. He abuses his people by hiking texts to feather his own nest and the people send him packing. He is surprised that they did not obey him but then he realizes his compound doesn't work and the dog only obeyed him out of love and trust, the same way his influence worked at first until he abused it.

Appearing in "The Whirlpool"

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Synopsis for "The Whirlpool"

A man is depressed because his girl married another while he was in Korea so he volunteers to be part of an experiment by a professor attempting to learn if it is possible that Polynesians could have made it to the island on small rafts. The man thinks he doesn't care if he dies, but when he is captured by fish people who live under a whirlpool, he realizes he wants to live and escapes. He ends up in Polynesia, but understands that his story is too fantastic to tell the professor.

Appearing in "The Night Watcher!"

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Synopsis for "The Night Watcher!"

A man hunting a raccoon encounters an alien who wishes to shapeshift into the dominant life form so that it can prepare an invasion plan for its masters. The man convinces the alien that the raccoon he has treed is the dominant form and when the alien takes that shape he shoots it.

Appearing in "They'll Never Find Me"

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Synopsis for "They'll Never Find Me"

A convict escapes jail and hides in a satellite that is about to be sent into orbit for fifty years with food and air as an experiment to determine the possibility of space stations. He has to make up his mind whether to leave the craft and return to life in prison or accept exile in space.

Appearing in "What Happened to Harry?"

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Synopsis for "What Happened to Harry?"

An astronaut returns to Earth after abandoning his crew on an alien planet where creatures had adopted the human's appearance and the astronaut could not tell who were the people and who were the fakes.

Appearing in "The Door I Dare Not Open!"

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Synopsis for "The Door I Dare Not Open!"

A man has a change of heart about a fight with his girlfriend after he spends a night in a mysterious house that shows him the woman he wanted to marry would have poisoned him for life insurance money if he had gotten what he thought he wanted years ago.

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