Quote1.png I have a life seed in my laboratory in my home dimension. In order to acquire it, in order to save your friend -- we must journey to the Age of Apocalypse. Quote2.png
-- Dark Beast

Appearing in "The Killer Among Us"

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Synopsis for "The Killer Among Us"

Shadow King drops by a journalist named Harper Simmons, showing him evidence of the existence of X-Force, which is sure to cause a huge scandal for mutants and the Avengers. He arranges to hand over the evidence to his editor, Edmund.

Archangel receives a call about a potential smear campaign. He leaves to deal with the situation and coldly rebuffs Psylocke's help to subdue his dark side. Psylocke goes to quickly warn Wolverine.

Archangel locates Edmund and quickly kills him. This death is quickly posted on the news. Realizing that he's next, Simmons attempts to upload the evidence, only for Archangel to find him. Luckily, Wolverine bursts in before he can do harm. Simmons attempts to run but Archangel chases after him. However, Angel begins a battle with Archangel for control. Psylocke then stabs him through the head with her psi blade, before wiping Simmons' memory.

Once they got Archangel locked up at Cavern-X, they decide what to do with him. Knowing that Apocalypse is the reason for him being this way, they decide to search out one of his servants such as Dark Beast and spring him from federal custody. Dark Beast concludes that Archangel is ascending to the position as Apocalypse's heir. To cleanse the death seed from Archangel, they need to go to the Age of Apocalypse dimension to retrieve a life seed.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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