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In my world... you were a tool of Apocalypse as well.
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And in my world... you're dead.
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Appearing in "The Dark Angel Saga Chapter 7: Opens a Window"

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Synopsis for "The Dark Angel Saga Chapter 7: Opens a Window"

In a memory of the past, Angel tells Professor X his insecurities of just having wings. Xavier assuages his concerns, stating that he has courage and promises that he will leave a mark on the world.

In the present, Archangel meets his new Horseman of Death: Psylocke.

Outside, Wolverine is pressed to capacity to fight a giant AoA Iceman. He abandons the battle in an attempt to stop Genocide from eradicating humanity atop The World. Then suddenly, Fantomex arrives with the Amazing X-Men from the AoA, having asked Gateway for help. Nightcrawler brings Wolverine aboard E.V.A., before teleporting Genocide to Archangel's location and unleashes his fiery inferno. Archangel manages to shield himself and Psylocke, his lover is stolen. Archangel manages to contain Genocide's fury before deciding to take matters into his own hands to plant the Life Seed. He battles his way Wolverine and the Aoa X-Men.

Meanwhile, Fantomex attempts to get through to Psylocke, only for her to get under his guard and slit his throat. However, this was all revealed to be a distraction in order for Jean Grey to get inside her mind and contain her Death Persona.

Outside, Archangel is making a mess of his opponents. Jean attempts to use her powers to subdue him but he escapes unharmed. He tells her that the Phoenix betrays her, for he's fulfilling its purpose: death and rebirth. He then subdues her. Wolverine manages to tackles him. But when it seemed like Warren Worthington had regained control, it is a trick and he unleashes his full fury on Wolverine. After seemingly killing Sabretooth, he flies into The World, where Psylocke and Fantomex stand ready for him.

Solicit Synopsis

The Dark Angel Saga: Part 7 Archangel is ascended. The betrayer has turned the tide. The World will be opened. Realities will clash. Life will be lost. Love shattered. Do not miss this or we will find you! The boss team of Rick Remender (Venom, Fear Agent), Jerome Opeña (Punisher, Fear Agent) and Dean White (Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man) are reunited to bring on the bad guys!

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