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Jamie Braddock
Return to your family, Elizabeth.
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Captain Britain
Together, we will guard the gates of father intended.
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Appearing in "Otherworld (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Otherworld (Part 1)"

Betsy wakes up in Otherworld. Brian explains to her he had to bring her in her sleep, knowing otherwise she wouldn’t come. He says their psychic bond reconnected after Jean expanded Betsy’s psyche and he had seen memories of everything she did with X-Force, which he doesn’t approve. Brian says the reason Betsy was brought is the Battle for the Otherworld. He doesn’t know who’s behind it, but their goal is the access to the Tower of the Omniverse. A sane Jamie Braddock appears in front of them and tells Betsy that’s why they need her: to stop this invasion. Jamie then offers Psylocke a chance to return to her proper body and inheritance, in order to make it up for what he did to her in the past. Meanwhile, at the Danger Room, Wolverine and Deadpool briefs Nightcrawler on the likes of Sabretooth, Mystique and Lady Deathstrike. Ultimaton interrupts them and warns them Psylocke and Fantomex have been abducted. Brian tells Betsy that Fantomex will face no mercy for his crime. The Supreme Omniversal Tribune begins. Fantomex is found guilty and his punishment is eradication from existence. Fantomex’s sentence is to be carried out immediately. With the help of Gateway, Wolverine, Deadpool and Nightcrawler enter Otherworld in the middle of the war, meanwhile Betsy wearing her Lady Briton mantle (and apparently back to her former body) step in.

Solicit Synopsis

• The TRIAL OF FANTOMEX begins! Part 1 of 4 • The X-FORCE team journey to OTHERWORLD! • Guest starring CAPTAIN BRITAIN and the CAPTAIN BRITAIN CORPS!

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