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Appearing in "Final Execution Chapter Two: Everything Right is Wrong Again"

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Synopsis for "Final Execution Chapter Two: Everything Right is Wrong Again"

Skinless Man is inside the home of his ex-wife, whom he had just killed along with her new husband, Wally. He cuts of the face of his ex-wife and tells his old neighbor Bradley that he's going to use the skin on his arse. In Paris, Fantomex is having an erotic and bizarre party to forget about Psylocke's betrayal of their love. She arrives on his balcony to have a chat, so Fantomex orders everyone else to leave so the two of them can "talk." In the White Sky Showroom, Omega Red has poisoned Wolverine to make him bloated, and Omega White has poisoned Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler to make him aged. The Omega Clan have memories implanted in their heads of X-Force murdering their parents years ago, and because their dad had supposedly created a cure for the disease now inside Wolverine. Underneath them in the Eiffel Tower, which Deadpool had somehow gotten to, he seems to be ordering items from an online catalog.

In Genosha, Beast and Kitty Pryde have taken their students on a field trip to Genosha, the home of 16 million dead mutants, including Kitty's father. Watching them is Sabertooth, awaiting orders from his fellow members of the Brotherhood, which include Shadow King and a mystery leader with a grudge against Wolverine. Wolverine, however, is facing the Omega Clan, and he jabs his claws into his stomach to release the toxins and cure himself. Finally, in Paris, Fantomex and Psylocke have finished talking, when Fantomex reveals that he knows she is really Mystique. The real Psylocke is in Manhattan, talking to Professor X and Warren, who now has his memories back of her murdering him. She flees, with Angel in pursuit, when her dead brother Jamie appears and helps Warren attack her. All this is only an illusion of the Shadow King, though. Betsy is in her bathroom, crying and saying that she deserves to die. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler is all alone facing Omega Black and the other Omega Clan members, when a robot named Alpha Achromic from the White Sky Showroom arrives, bought by Deadpool, to protect X-Force. Nightcrawler is healed and teleports Wolverine and Deadpool back to the Blackbird, where Wolverine attempts to call Fantomex and Psylocke so they can join X-Force again. Psylocke is busy being hysterical and Fantomex is busy fighting Mystique.

Solicit Synopsis

• Meet the Omegas and watch them destroy Wolverine, AOA-Nightcrawler and Deadpool! • Psylocke goes to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning to visit Angel, but she finds something she was not expecting. • The new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants kicks their plan into high gear!

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