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-- Psylocke

Appearing in "Final Execution Chapter Two: Everything Right is Wrong Again"

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Skinless Man is inside the home of his ex-wife, whom he had just killed along with her new husband, Wally. He cuts of the face of his ex-wife and tells his old neighbor Bradley that he's going to use the skin on his arse. In Paris, Fantomex is having an erotic and bizarre party to forget about Psylocke's betrayal of their love. She arrives on his balcony to have a chat, so Fantomex orders everyone else to leave so the two of them can "talk." In the White Sky Showroom, Omega Red has poisoned Wolverine to make him bloated, and Omega White has poisoned Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler to make him aged. The Omega Clan have memories implanted in their heads of X-Force murdering their parents years ago, and because their dad had supposedly created a cure for the disease now inside Wolverine. Underneath them in the Eiffel Tower, which Deadpool had somehow gotten to, he seems to be ordering items from an online catalog.

In Genosha, Beast and Kitty Pryde have taken their students on a field trip to Genosha, the home of 16 million dead mutants, including Kitty's father. Watching them is Sabertooth, awaiting orders from his fellow members of the Brotherhood, which include Shadow King and a mystery leader with a grudge against Wolverine. Wolverine, however, is facing the Omega Clan, and he jabs his claws into his stomach to release the toxins and cure himself. Finally, in Paris, Fantomex and Psylocke have finished talking, when Fantomex reveals that he knows she is really Mystique. The real Psylocke is in Manhattan, talking to Professor X and Warren, who now has his memories back of her murdering him. She flees, with Angel in pursuit, when her dead brother Jamie appears and helps Warren attack her. All this is only an illusion of the Shadow King, though. Betsy is in her bathroom, crying and saying that she deserves to die. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler is all alone facing Omega Black and the other Omega Clan members, when a robot named Alpha Achromic from the White Sky Showroom arrives, bought by Deadpool, to protect X-Force. Nightcrawler is healed and teleports Wolverine and Deadpool back to the Blackbird, where Wolverine attempts to call Fantomex and Psylocke so they can join X-Force again. Psylocke is busy being hysterical and Fantomex is busy fighting Mystique.

Solicit Synopsis

• Meet the Omegas and watch them destroy Wolverine, AOA-Nightcrawler and Deadpool! • Psylocke goes to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning to visit Angel, but she finds something she was not expecting. • The new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants kicks their plan into high gear!

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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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Johnnybravo here with another comic book review. It's been awhile. Nearly two months. While I've bought some books since then, I chose not to do reviews on some of them, or just forgot. I forgot to do it with the last issue. And I chose not to do any reviews on the Astonishing X-Men books because they were a bit confusing... And then I recently dropped X-Men: Legacy and Uncanny X-Men completely, so, yeah. But hey, I'm back.

Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 26

I loved the amount of villains in this issue, but since I haven't been reading other books, I have no idea how any of them got here. I heard that Sabretooth returned in Wolverine & the X-Men recently. But was it ever explained how? And I thought that it was with the new Hellfire Club, so why would he be siding with this new Brotherhood now all of a sudden?

I never even knew that Mystique "died" until I heard that she came back. That's how much of a fan I am of Wolverine's own series. -__- So, anyway, she died. And now she's back too. And why would she care to be with this Brotherhood either? I thought she hated Sabretooth since, like, forever. Why align herself with someone she despises? Anyways, she impersonated Psylocke for the most part of the issue that she was in. And she knew of Psylocke's one night stand with Fantomex. Could it be possible that that was just her all along? Probably not really, but who knows..

The Skinless Man, or Weapon III. I skipped out on the Captain Britain issues of Uncanny X-Force because I like Captain Britain as much as I like Deathlok (not at all, which explains me skipping the Deathlok issues too). But that guy appeared in those issues, so I have no idea what his story is. And then there's Amahl Farouk. I missed that issue of Uncanny X-Force too, the one with the Shadow King. Or was it the Shadow King? Was it just Amahl Farouk instead..? And why wasn't AoA Blob in this issue?

The Omega Clan. A cool new group of villains. And a very interesting back story. A place that breeds assassins? That's pretty cool. Add in the fact that they have a part of the original Omega Red in them and that makes it even better. But could we finally learn which is even which..? Sure, it's just been two issues. But come on already. The female one was named Sylvia this issue, if nothing else. Close enough for now I guess.

So at the end of the last issue when Wolverine looked fat, he actually was. And Nightcrawler did look old. Just making sure it wasn't a bad art mistake at the end. And there's a side story with Kid Omega and Genesis, along with other students and Beast and Kitty. But what's the importance of Sabretooth being there..? What does he want with the "Kid Apocalypse"..?

Meanwhile Psylocke (the real gal) goes to the Jean Grey school to see Angel and stuff. And Professor X is there. And he's in a wheelchair. WHAT. Was this just an illusion of hers? That could be possible, since she imagined her brother. But if it was an illusion, why would he need to be in a wheelchair again for it? Or..perhaps he becomes crippled in Avengers vs. X-Men, and this story takes place after that. That could be possible, especially since considering that in a preview of Avengers vs. X-Men #6, he is shown walking. That book comes out next week. And he has been crippled back and forth over the years... Or perhaps it wasn't Professor X. Perhaps it was someone else entirely, impersonating him. That could be possible, but by a long shot.

The Professor used his powers to restrain Psylocke, so the amount of "people" it could be are limited. Certainly not Mystique, not just because she was busy fighting Fantomex at the time, and not just because she can't use his powers when she pretends to be him. I would assume not Amahl Farouk, though who knows, maybe. Earlier in the issue when Amahl was talking to the leader of the new Brotherhood, the leader was shadowed, though he appeared to be bald. Is the new leader Professor X? OK, now that one was just a joke...right? The leader said he wanted the X-Force group public news, so...maybe Charles has a vendetta? But why would he want them killed? Idk. Going back to longshots, what if it is Cerebro, the Founder from way back when? Stick with me here for a second-when Cerebro impersonated the Professor, it could also apparently use his powers. And Cerebro impersonated the Professor when he was in a wheelchair. I'm overthinking this too much...

So. I think this was overall a good issue, though there were many confusing parts about it. Many. Confusing. Parts. Ugh. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. In an interview before, Rick Remender said that his current arc is 10 (If I'm not mistaken) issues long. So..maybe wait a bit longer than expected. -__-

If you read the issue, let me know what you thought about it! Or if you want to agree/disagree with anything I said above, feel free! Or maybe answer a question of mine...? lol!

--Johnnybravo44 20:34, June 15, 2012 (UTC)
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