Quote1.png See there, kid. No matter what my old man and his geek friends were spelling you... I got the straight dope. Learned the hard way... "bad guy" is a better side of the coin to land on. Quote2.png
-- Daken

Appearing in "Final Execution Chapter Three: The World Won't Stop Without You"

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Synopsis for "Final Execution Chapter Three: The World Won't Stop Without You"

While fighting Mystique, Fantomex asks her why she had to "talk" with him in order to kill him. She replies that she had to be close enough to inject a poison in him which took away his mutant power of misdirection. He beats her and flies away to find the real Betsy. In Genosha, Quentin Quire confronts Genesis, only to be defeated by Sabertooth. Kid Gladiator comes to the rescue, only to be defeated by Age of Apocalypse Blob. Sabertooth tazers Evan and leaves, while Fantomex arrives outside Betsy's Manhattan apartment. EVA warns Jean-Phillipe that his healing is now gone too, so he could die. He rushes in anyways only to find Shadow King gloating over his victory. Psylocke is in hysterics, thinking Fantomex is evil and Skinless Man is her hero. Fantomex removes his mask and puts it on Betsy, restoring her memory, and puts her on his ship to escape. Shadow King is revealed not to truly be there, and Skinless Man kills Fantomex by ripping his heart out, as he only has one of those. EVA tells Psylocke that because Jean-Phillipe is now dead, she will too and the ship will crash. Gateway from the Arizona desert watches as Braddock escapes to see a new, metallic, female humanoid exit the crash and reveal that now she is EVA.

When Psylocke and EVA finally reunite with the remaining members of X-Force in Cavern-X, and the mystery leader of the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants appears on a screen in front of the 5 of them. It is Daken, Wolverine's long-lost son. Suddenly, Ultimaton arrives with Gateway. Because Fantomex is dead, Ultimaton is now rogue and striving to achieve his original goal, to kill mutants. He does this by snapping Gateway's neck and exploding with the force of an atomic bomb, being a super-sentinel. Right before she "dies," Psylocke regrets that her last words to Jean-Phillipe were those of betrayal to their love. The 9 evil members of the Brotherhood (Daken, Shadow King, Sabertooth, Mystique, AoA Blob, Skinless Man, and the Omega Clan) celebrate their victory with Genesis and the dead Fantomex.

Solicit Synopsis

X-Force land themselves somewhere you’ve never seen them.

A new member joins the team!

Rising star Julian Totino Tedesco (VENOM: CIRCLE OF FOUR, JOHN CARTER GODS OF MARS covers) joins the best creative team in comics for two issues!

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