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Quote1.png Look, for what it's worth, I always hated you. You are a boring, two-dimensional, self-serious relic from the '70s. Oh, and Chuck Brownson called-- he wants everything he ever did back. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Final Execution Chapter Five: No Trust in Tomorrow"

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Synopsis for "Final Execution Chapter Five: No Trust in Tomorrow"

Warpath and Wolverine of Earth-12928 rush towards the Magistrate's side as Psylocke starts dying. The Magistrate starts to disappear as well because as of now, Earth-12928 is the future of Earth-616. Psylocke is lying in her own blood somewhere on top of a building, a sword stabbed through her, but still missing her spinal cord. Before she has a chance to kill herself, Punisher attempts to take her in, and pulls a gun on her besides her suicidal instincts, violence being his first instinct. As she jumps off the building, Cable saves her, only for Psylocke to stop him herself. As she almost falls again, Earth-295 Nightcrawler saves her, as both Wolverines also arrive. As she grabs a gun from one of the Deadpools, the Magistrate enters her unprotected mind and convinces her not to. Instead, Psylocke faints and dreams of heaven, where everyone has wings (just like Warren) but her. Warren tells her that it is not her time and that she belongs to another, Jean-Philipe, even though he's dead too. He isn't in heaven, though.

Psylocke then awakes to find herself in a healing chamber guarded by the Magistrate, who also tells her that Jean-Philipe is the one. Meanwhile, the other 4 members of X-Force have gathered with Hank Pym of Earth-12928 and the X-Force of his world. Pym is going to send them back in time as soon as Psylocke arrives. Punisher tells Earth-616 X-Force to kill Evan, then Daken, and then Warren's son. Deadpool makes a joke about killing children, leading to Punisher pulling a gun on him. Pym says that Earth-616 Deadpool is actually important, as Oldpool (Earth-12928 Deadpool) similarly does something having to do with Zombie Nixon. After this unnecessary moment about Deadpool to make him slightly important in the issue, Psylocke arrives, and the 5 X-Force members of Earth-616 prepare to return home. Earth-12928 Wolverine whispers something to present Wolverine right before they go. Afterwards, the Magistrate and future Logan share a passionate kiss.

Solicit Synopsis

• It’s all built to this: “Final Execution” enters its last act! • The new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants makes their move! • Fantomex’s deceptions come back to haunt the team!


  • Punisher mentions a son of Archangel, a clear nod towards Pestilence's child with him.

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