Well, okay. Pretty good self-control. So, now you get good news and bad news. Good news is that we didn't really kill your parent's kid.
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The bad news is that we can never kill 'em...
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'cause they never existed in the first place.
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Appearing in "Final Execution Chapter Six: While You Were Away"

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  • Campervan

Synopsis for "Final Execution Chapter Six: While You Were Away"

Evan finds himself on the farm he grew up on playing catch with Fantomex who tells him about Apocalypse and how the X-Men were sent to kill Apocalyps who had been reborn as a child. Evan falls over and injures himself and while cleaning himself up sees a reflection of himself as Apocalypse in the mirror while the Shadow King reveals that it was Fantomex that killed him. Evan wakes up in a camper together with the Shadow King, Sabretooth and Daken. Evan attempts to use his powers to break free but the Shadow King tells him that it is futile since he is using his telepathy to prevent Evan from accessing his powers. They attempt to teach him a lesson by sending Sabretooth into a gas station and telling Evan that unless he kills Sabretooth, Sabretooth will kill everyone in the gas station. evan attacks him but holds back and Sabretooth kills a young girl.

They then take Evan to the farm where he grew up. Evan jumps out of the car and tries to warn his parents to get out but finds them both killed by Sabretooth and Daken. Evan attacks the both of them but refrains from killing them, refusing to become like them. They commend him on his control before revealing that they didn't kill his parents because they never existed in the first place.

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