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Quote1.png Remember this. You are what you've done, but your every action affects the future. Quote2.png
Deathlok Prime

Appearing in "Final Execution Chapter Seven"

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  • Brotherhood's Hideaway



Synopsis for "Final Execution Chapter Seven"

Three hours from now, a man with one eye lies in the ruins cradling a corpse. Evan Sabahnur stands over him in a modified Apocalypse costume, and casually informs him that this could end no other way.

Right now, X-Force is returning from their detour to the future. They are greeted by Deathlok Prime, that future's lone rebel, who has two pieces of information for them. The first is that he is about to depart to hunt down Ultimaton and destroy the miniaturized World complex he carries. The second is that the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants has kidnapped Evan and taken him to Genosha. They will torture him and force him down a course that leads him to become the new Apocalypse. Deathlok's warning is to the team: their actions over the next day will determine the fate of the world.

In the Brotherhood's secret base, Sabretooth and Mystique are in bed together. Sabretooth thinks that X-Force is dead, but that Wolverine is still alive. he knows that Wolverine's response to the loss of the team and the boy will be a berserker rage and an unthinking state of murder. Evan will kill him, cementing his position as the new Apocalypse and as their new meal ticket. Then Sabretooth & Mystique can take control of the Brotherhood. The couple gets excited just thinking about it.

Flying to the infiltration point, X-Force gets a video-call from Beast at the Jean Grey School: Beast, telling them that Evan has been kidnapped. Wolverine has been off-grid for hours, and Beast is getting angry. He accepts that X-Force will do what they can, but Beast is clear: if Evan dies, the survivors will have to deal with him.

At the base, Evan is still reeling from the revelation that his parents aren't real. Fantomex rushes forward with his face covered, and Evan gets up to greet him, but reacts in horror when it is revealed to be Fantomex's corpse puppeteered by the Skinless Man. Daken gets to the point, pointing out that if Evan wants to direct his anger, he can put on the Apocalypse Suit. It will boost his powers and shield his mind, protecting him from both the torture of the Brotherhood and the lies of X-Force. They leave the suit and the corpse and say they will let him make his own choice.

Outside the room, Daken admits to Sabretooth that Evan has a lot of inner strength, but Sabretooth returns to the reason for the plan: showing Wolverine how much of a hypocrite he is. By assembling the group they have, they have a group of killers to fight a group of killers. By corrupting Evan, they can point out the hypocrisy of working at the school while abandoning his own son. Sabretooth tells Daken he deserves a father who loves him. As they enter the control room, they discover the Farouk is using his mental powers to enhance the Omega Clan's hatred of X-Force.

In her room, Mystique is washing up, consider who she shall kill to get control, when she is approached by Sabretooth, asking for an urgent talk in a secluded area. Going with him, she walks into an ambush, when "Sabretooth" puts in a psychic sleeper hold. The group argue about whether to resort to lethal force with Evan & Daken, with Psylocke saying no, Nightcrawler saying yes, and Eva and Wolverine opting for pragmatism. They ask for Deadpool's opinion, but he has vanished.

In the base, Evan is considering the Apocalypse Suit. Deadpool appears behind him and says he is ready to kill him now.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Final Exectution kicks into high gear • What is left of X-Force go up against the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for the last time.

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