Quote1 I'm sorry, mein freund. I did tell you I would finish what I came here to do --I will have my revenge-- by any means. Quote2
-- Nightcrawler

Appearing in "Final Execution Chapter Eight: Opposite of Progress"

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Synopsis for "Final Execution Chapter Eight: Opposite of Progress"

Daken’s reason for setting in this whole Brotherhood scheme in is to earn his father’s respect. Wolverine and Psylocke head to the Brotherhood’s underwater base and wonders if Deadpool is going to kill Evan. Turns out Wade wants to rescue Evan. Daken, Blob and Lady Omega Red stop him, and Omega Black give Deadpool cancer through her tentacles. Evans blasts Wade from behind and tells him that the Brotherhood were the only one who told the truth to him.

Meanwhile, Mystique talks to Nightcrawler and convinces him to let her go because she can give to him the man he wants to murder: the Blod.

Deadpool is further tortured by Omega Black, while Evan watches it.

Suddenly, Wolverine enters the base and face Sabretooth, the Skinless Man and the other two Omegas Red.

Elsewhere, Psylocke reaches Deadpool telepathically. Shadow King senses her and takes her to the astral plane.

Nightcrawler and EVA show up in the middle of Wolverine's fight when suddenly EVA poisons him and turns into Mystique. Kurt apologizes but tells him that he needs to get his revenge at any cost.


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