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Appearing in "Final Execution, Chapter Nine: The Father Who Must Be Killed"

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Synopsis for "Final Execution, Chapter Nine: The Father Who Must Be Killed"

Due to the betrayal of Nightcrawler, Wolverine is captured by Daken's new Brotherhood. Wolverine wakes up from a horrible dream about his worst fear coming to life. He sees his son, Daken, and finds himself all tied up. Daken tells Wolverine, his own father hates him because he has chosen his one true calling as "a killer". Logan says he wishes things could have been different for him and apologizes to his son.

Meanwhile, Omega Black keeps beating up Deadpool, until Daken orders her to bring Evan to him.

In the Astral Plane, the Shadow King shows no sign of tiring, but Psylocke manages to overwhelm him. Betsy rather imprisons him in her mind than kill him. Due to her hesitation, it gives the Shadow King the opportunity to shatter her psyche. Psylocke wakes up in the physical plane without any memory of who she is.

Elsewhere, Mystique and Nightcrawler set up a trap for the Blob. They brought the Blob to an underground aquarium as their deathmatch. Nightcrawler and Blob fights to the death. Kurt tries to slash the Blob with his swords, which reflected back by the Blob. Later, Blob bounces Kurt to the glass wall where water started to leak into the room. This allows the shark to come inside the battle. Kurt teleports the shark within Blob’s stomach. It has cause catastrophic internal damages to Blob. Kurt watches and savor the moments as Blob slowly dies. EVA arrives and tells him he’s gonna pay for his betrayal.

Back to Wolerine, Daken dumps him into a drowning chamber, as the only way to kill Wolverine is to deprive the brain of oxygen. Daken forces Evan to watch Wolverine drown at the same time he punches Evan. Omega Black brings the injured Evan to where Deadpool is. Evan decides to wear the Apocalypse suit to stop the Brotherhood.

Solicit Synopsis

• FINAL EXECUTION races to its thrilling conclusion! • X-Force brings the attack to the Brotherhood, but there is dissension in the ranks. • Genesis faces the truth about Apocalypse and his destiny!

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