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Quote1 You can't help yourself. You are Apocalypse. Quote2

Appearing in "The Apocalypse Solution (Chapter Four)"

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Synopsis for "The Apocalypse Solution (Chapter Four)"

Wolverine and Fantomex pull themselves out of the rubble that collapsed on them. Wolverine orders his teammate to misdirect Ship into thinking that it has already teleported. It works.

Meanwhile, Deadpool passes Archangel pieces of pieces, which turn out to be his own flesh.

Elsewhere, Ozymandias demands to Ship why they haven't teleported. Thinking her compromised, he orders Ship shut down and orders his men to prepare for X-Force while they attempt to teleport again. As soon as his men receive their orders, Wolverine and Fantomex pounce on them. But they once again at subdued by the remaining Four Horsemen, who are soon deposited on an alien world by E.V.A.

Ozymandias receives word of Psylocke reaching the child Apocalypse, before he is killed by Archangel. X-Force then reunites, only for Psylocke to stand in defense of Apocalypse. She believes that they can take him back to Utopia and train him so that they can avert the tyrant he may become. Archangel isn't will to take any chances but couldn't bring himself to kill the child. Next thing everyone knows, Apocalypse is shot dead by Fantomex. X-Force then returns to Earth, with solemn looks on their faces.

Solicit Synopsis


It all comes down to this! To stop him from bending all reality to his will X-Force must kill Apocalypse. But at a terrible cost. The final set piece: lovers positioned against each other, old friendships irreparably shattered, and the future of the Marvel Universe forever twisted. The story X-fans will be discussing for years to come, the conclusion that will change one character evermore!

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