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Appearing in "Deathlok Nation (Conclusion)"

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Synopsis for "Deathlok Nation (Conclusion)"

X-Force enlarges the World to go inside and kill Father before his Deathlok-controlled future comes to life. Unfortunately, Father is monitoring them and they are attacked by their Deathlok doppelgangers. Meanwhile, Deadpool finds Father. However, Father manipulates Deadpool, making him act like a child.

Outside, Psylocke and Archangel are being followed by their future Deathlok selves. Psylocke Deathlok takes control of Archangel's mind. Not willing to risk a psychic battle that could destroy Archangel, Psylocke throws her sword at her future self, effectively killing her. Archangel Deathlok then discards Psylocke Deathlok.

Fantomex is attempting to gain access to the lab, with Deathlok Prime behind him. Unfortunately, he was actually misdirected by Fantomex Deathlok. Luckily, Fantomex unleashes Ultimaton to destroy his future self, before ordering him to protect the lab, before he is pounced on by both Wolverine and Deadpool Deathloks.

While watching this, Father makes the mistake of telling Deadpool that he loves him. Realizing how he's being manipulated, Deadpool decapitates Father, thereby causing all the Deathloks to vanish from existence. But as they leave, they are unaware that the laboratory that Ultimaton was guarding contains an infant En Sabah Nur, age 847 days.

Solicit Synopsis

Deathlok Nation: part 3 The hordes of the Deathlok Nation continue to flood into our world, intent on killing Fantomex and protecting the super soldier production facility known as The World…but why? With The World now infected by the Deathlok virus, and X-Force locked in heated battle with the most powerful warriors in the Marvel Universe, humanity’s hopes rest in the hands of one man, but who is Weapon Infinity?!

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