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Quote1.png Now I will strip you open -- expose your secrets -- the Shadow King will feast on your terror! Quote2.png
Shadow King

Appearing in "Unintended Consequences"

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Synopsis for "Unintended Consequences"

While Deadpool is staking out a military base, Fantomex is giving Deathlok the grand tour of Cavern X, amongst all the artifacts he considers worthless. Deathlok disagrees, stating that remembering the past is crucial. He stops his head to the remains of Nimrod and comments that they've been created from similar technologies, including Fantomex, who holds their existences thanks to the World. The two then discuss the future implications of the World and the Weapon Infinity hidden inside will bring if superhuman continue to war; Deathlok strong advises that the World be destroyed than contained.

Meanwhile, Psylocke has managed to the Archangel personality within Angel. Wolverine then gets her attention, stating that a powerful telepath is at work in a top-secret nuclear facility. they make their way through discover that Shadow King is responsible, who has already mind controlled of all on-base soldiers and X-Force, excluding Fantomex and Psylocke. Fantomex uses his misdirection to hide Psylocke's body. Meanwhile, Psylocke engages Shadow King in astral battle. But Shadow King slowly breaks down her defenses, using her worst fears against her, which involve her brothers taunting her. Barely able to resist, Psylocke returns to her body before Wolverine to sink his claws into her. As she runs she notices Archangel. She forces him to sleep, before delving into his mind, where she finds Shadow King releasing Archangel from his mental prison. But rather than exacting revenge for Shadow King's sake, Archangel apparently kills him. He then forces Psylocke out of his mind, and wiping her recent memories. Back in the physical world, Archangel wakes and kills a soldier who had just come to his senses. The rest of X-Force the come in, thinking that Archangel stopped the man from launching missiles that would've destroyed the remaining mutants.

Solicit Synopsis

Before the Fall: part 1 A nuclear facility has been infiltrated and taken over by the Shadow King! With nuclear missiles now aimed at both Utopia and New York, the lives of Earth’s heroes hang in the balance. X-Force heads into action, but to save the world, they must make a terrible choice. In order to prevent a nuclear holocaust, Wolverine and his team must kill every last person working in the facility. X-Force can save the day, but at what cost?

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