Quote1.png Hang on now. Our missions was to bust up a drug dealer. The drug dealer got busted up. End of story. Logan didn't say nothing about street urchins or psychotic time-travelers. Quote2.png
-- Puck

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Synopsis for "Sweet Virginia"

Bishop kidnapped the new mutant girl, Ginny, and ran off. Puck claims that their mission is accomplished as they have captured Spiral, but Storm wants to bring the girl back.

It’s revealed that Mojo removed Spiral’s ability to travel between dimensions, so she was trapped on Earth-616 without anywhere to go, until she found Ginny and started to use her psychic powers to make money by selling drugs, which were false. It was actually Ginny’s powers that put people in a trance. Betsy says she can follow Ginny’s psychic avatar and orders Spiral to teleport them.

Meanwhile, Fantomex and Cluster hijack an airplane while Dark Fantomex is following them, without them knowing.

Back to X-Force, Spiral teleports them to a subway tunnel in LA. Betsy can’t pick up any psychic signature, including that of her teammates. That’s when Bishop surprises them and attacks X-Force. While they fight, Spiral grabs Ginny and teleports to safety. Betsy uses her psychic knife on Bishop and enters his mind. There, she finds his psyche tangled like a maze. As she finds the Demon Bear, she realizes it was a trap.

Solicit Synopsis

  • This is it! Bishop vs. UNCANNY X-FORCE!
  • Bishop has amazing new powers that help him take down X-Force. But how did Bishop get the new power?

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