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Back then in Paris, Betsy catches Fantomex and Cluster sleeping together. She threatens to shot at Fantomex’s head, but Cluster sides with him and doesn’t let Betsy do it. Betsy swears she will kill him another day. Psylocke texts Storm, saying she’s leaving it all behind.

Right now in Madripoor, the Demon Bear is feeding into Betsy’s anger and she tries to calm it down. Weapon XIII reveals he’s been keeping Fantomex at the library. Psylocke meets him. Betsy and Fantomex argue and end up fighting one another. She gets the upper hand, but decides she won’t kill him and will have to live her life knowing he got to her same way she got to him now. Weapon XIII is upset about Betsy’s betrayal. Psylocke unleashes the Demon Bear on him. Weapon XIII is gone, out there somewhere. Afterwards, Fantomex and Cluster tell Betsy they want to be merged together again so things can go back to the way they were. They want to toast to a new future with all three together, but Betsy leaves alone and toasts to herself.

Back in Los Angeles, Bishop wakes up and reveals he brought the Revenant Queen with him. Storm and Puck try to calm him down. A Revenant is spying on them and warns his Queen that Bishop is alive.

Solicit Synopsis

• The skies of Madripoor run red as Uncanny X-Force face off against Fantomex...Fantomex...and Fantomex!

• We know what Psylocke did last summer, and it’s a doozy! Find out in this edition of Uncanny X-Force True Hollywood Story.

• Storm has no tolerance for your drama. She is a mutant, a goddess, and a headmistress. She’s got enough going on. Stop with the five-paragraph texts. Do not email her. No voicemail.

• What happens in Paris, stays in Paris...unless Puck finds out, in which case it’s probably all over Twitter!

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