Quote1.png But this old dog's learnt ev'ry new trick in the book! Quote2.png
-- Banshee

Appearing in "The Next Life"

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  • Sean's wallet
    • a picture of Maeve


  • Sean's SUV

Synopsis for "The Next Life"

When Banshee's father-in-law, Patrick Rourke, comes to the X-Mansion, he brings along with him the apparent ghost of his daughter, Maeve Rourke. Banshee follows her spirit to Belfast, Maine, where Patrick reveals that he hired Julius Dupree to raise the spirit of his daughter to exact his revenge on Banshee by killing him and his new love, Moira MacTaggert.

Solicit Synopsis

Sean Cassidy has played many roles in his life: an adventurer, an Interpol agent, even a criminal. Now he's Banshee, one of the new X-Men, and he's in love with the beautiful Moira MacTaggert! However, Sean had another beloved once: his long-lost wife Maeve. But is she really dead? Banshee's dark past threatens his future as he faces a macabre threat in "The Next Life"! Also: Peter Corbeau and his Starcore team make an ominous discovery on the surface of the Sun.

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