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Quote1.png Let me put this out there for you to chew on. Come into the light. ... I know you've lost good people. And I don't know entirely what your people had to deal with inside the energy dome that engulfed San Francisco -- but I know getting out of it meant you didn't just save yourselves, but you saved the rest of us, too. The whole world saw the X-Men save them. It's time to bring the X-Men front and center. Lead your people into the daylight. ... This is the time, Scott. The X-Men are heroes. Time to act like it. Quote2.png
Captain Steve Rogers

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After leaving the X-Men due to Cyclops' more militant style of leadership, Beast heads to L.A. to meet up with his girlfriend Abigail Brand who stands him up, only to meet up with Molly Hayes of the Runaways. The two discuss extinction, faith, and living life to its fullest. Hope is at the Baxter Building with Dr. Nemesis and Rogue, receiving a physical from Mr. Fantastic, as well as conversing with his son Franklin Richards, upon giving Hope a clean bill of health, Reed suggests that Hope try to locate her family in an attempt to better learn who she really is, on the way back to Utopia, Hope insists on doing just that.

Cyclops takes some time off to go hunting in The Savage Land, during which he encounters Steve Rogers, who suggests that Cyclops bring the X-Men out of the shadows and into the light as heroes, Rogers arranges to have the president award Scott the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which sways the people of San Francisco to welcome the X-Men back. During a celebration on Utopia, Cyclops sneaks away to talk to Hope, in an attempt to discuss a strategy of dealing with the five lights, Hope becomes agitated at his expectations and just wants to find her family. Scott realizing his mistreatment of Hope, decides that he'll deal with the lights and send a team to escort Hope to Alaska, much to her delight.

Solicit Synopsis

Hot on the heels of SECOND COMING, see how the X-Men fit into the Marvel Universe as a whole. Three stories by Matt Fraction and artists Whilce Portacio (UNCANNY X-MEN), Jamie McKelvie (SIEGE: LOKI) and Steven Sanders (S.W.O.R.D.) taking you all around the Marvel Universe!


  • For unknown reasons, Beast only has four fingers on each hand in this issue.

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