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Quote1.png Terminate one Sentinel -- terminate one thousand -- it makes no difference. Our numbers are too great. Eventually mutants, we will overwhelm you. Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Mind Out of Time"

Continued from last issue...

In the present, the X-Men have appeared at the US Senate to stop the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly. They have been led there by the adult mind of Kate Pryde who's mind has been projected into the body of her young self from 30 years in the future. While in this same future where the assassination of Kelly would lead to the passage of the Mutant Registration Act and the enslavement of all mutants, the last surviving X-Men head toward the Baxter Building to stop their Sentinel overlords before the rest of the world attempts to nuke America.

1980: The Brotherhood easily knocks past the security and attempts to attack Senator Kelly, but the X-Men get in their way. As the two groups battle each other, Wolverine attempts to gut Pyro with his claws, but is stopped by Storm. As the battle rages, a security guard leads Professor Xavier and Moira MacTaggert away, only to gas them as she is really Mystique in disguise. With Xavier and MacTaggert as hostages, Mystique checks what their future is like with Destiny. Destiny still cannot see past the interference that prevents her from seeing the course history is destined to take. Destiny is unaware that it is the adult mind of Kate Pryde existing in the body of her younger self that is causing the interference.

2013: The last X-Men arrive just outside the Baxter Building, former headquarters to the Fantastic Four and now the primary nerve center of the Sentinel forces that rule America. With Rachel staying behind to watch over Kate's unconscious body, Storm, Colossus and Wolverine go into action. Storm easily disables the Sentinel that is guarding the door, granting the team access to the building. Once inside, Wolverine uses one of the Fantastic Four's old signal belts to gain access to the private elevator that would lead them up to the FF's old headquarters. As they ride the elevator up, they prepare to face the greatest challenge of their lives.

1980: As the battle continues to rage, Storm gets down on herself for not being as good a leader as Cyclops when she failed to see that battling indoors is not helping their fight. Using her mutant powers, Storm creates a wind that blows the Brotherhood and X-Men outside of the Senate building where their battle continues. The battle becomes more complicated with the arrival of the National Guard with some tanks and soldiers which the Brotherhood easily exploit. When soldier arrives with a flame thrower, Pyro uses his powers to turn it's flame into a giant fire monster that grabs hold of Wolverine. Storm manages to generate powerful enough wind to blast the flame monster apart before it can seriously harm him. When Wolverine is approached by who he thinks is Nightcrawler, another Nightcrawler lunges at the other and a fight ensues. Unable to tell them apart due to the damage done to his enhanced senses from being burned, Wolverine decides to dive into the middle of the fight with his claws. Storm stops him and manages to order him to put his claws away. Wolverine, hating to be ordered around, complies but warns Storm that the argument isn't over. They are soon attacked by Blob and Avalanche.

Wolverine and Colossus create a level which allows them to toss the Blob at Avalanche, while Storm creates a monsoon rain around Pyro making it impossible for him to use his flames. While the real Nightcrawler lands a blow on his doppleganger, forcing Mystique to revert to her normal form. When Nightcrawler notices a resemblance between the two of them, Mystique tells Nightcrawler to ask his adopted mother Margali Szardos about that next time he sees her. When Angel swoops in, it distracts Nightcrawler enough to allow Mystique to escape. Realizing that Kate and Destiny are unaccounted for, the X-Men rush back into the Senate building hoping that they aren't too late.

2013: Exiting the elevator in the Baxter Building, the X-Men spot a Sentinel working at one of the main computers. Wolverine orders Colossus to toss a Fastball special. However as Wolverine is hurtled toward the Sentinel it detects his presence and incinerates him with a laser blast, leaving nothing but a charred Adamantium skeleton. Storm takes down the Sentinel with a lightning bolt, however more Sentinels enter the room. One impales Storm through the torso with a harpoon. This one is destroyed by Colossus, however he soon dies as well. While down on the streets below, Rachel Summers listens to her friends die and sheds tears hoping that Kate succeeds on her mission in the past.

1980: Destiny has cornered Senator Kelly in an office within the Senate and is about to shoot him with a crossbow. She is unaware that Kate Pryde is in the room, and just before Destiny can fire the fatal, history making shot, Kate uses her phasing powers to pass through Destiny. This disorients her enough to make her shot just miss Kelly's head by inches. With history changed, Kate's mind is shot back into the future and the strain causes Kitty to pass out. Storm arrives shortly after and takes Kitty away while Destiny is taken into police custody. Later aboard Warren's jet as it heads back to the X-Men's headquarters, Professor X probes Kitty's mind and finds no trace of her future self. Further, young Kitty has no memory of the battle either. When Warren asks the Professor if they indeed managed to change the future, the Professor can only say that time will tell.


  • The years listed in this issue are considered topical in light of the sliding time scale of the Earth-616 universe.
  • This is the first issue to actually be named "Uncanny X-Men", although the cover titles have shown that name for a few years.
  • In this issue, Mystique implies that she has a familiar relation to Nightcrawler. Later on it would be revealed that Mystique is his biological mother.
  • Events happening in the future actually happen in an alternate timeline classified as Earth-811. Within this issue, Rachel speculates that sending Kate into the past will simply create an alternate, independent timeline.
    • While Rachel is correct about such being the usual outcome with time travel, the divergence point for Earth-811 is not Kelly's assassination, but the earlier rejection of Dark Phoenix by her father in X-Men #136. Rachel realizes this by Uncanny X-Men #199.
  • Although Wolverine is seemingly killed in this story he is resurrected twice. First he is plucked out of time by the Timebreakers who recruit him into an all Wolverine incarnation of the Exiles in Exiles #85, he sacrifices his life to defeat Brother Mutant and is returned to the exact moment before his death in Exiles #86. His corpse would be collected by X-51 of Earth-9997 and resurrected using a machine invented by Merlyn in Paradise X: Heralds #1.

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