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-- Doctor Doom

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Synopsis for "Kidnapped!"

Stevie Hunter and Ororo went to see Britain's Royal Ballet. While watching the ballet, Miss Locke entered their box and touched them with a fatal contact poison, a poison she had the antidote to. The poison was merely to buy their undivided attention as Miss Locke related how and why Doom captured Arcade,[1] that she would like the X-Men to rescue Arcade, and that many of the X-Men's family and friends had been captured to ensure that they would. Ororo fell unconscious, and when she awoke Stevie and Miss Locke were gone. She checked on Amanda Sefton and the Greys, but they were all missing. She returned to the mansion.

The X-Men contacted Beast to get information about Dr. Doom from the Avengers. Wolverine argued that they couldn't submit to blackmail, they had to nail Murderworld so hard no one would attack their loved ones and friends again. Ororo agreed, and had a plan. Professor X telepathically contacted former X-Men Havok, Polaris, Iceman, and Banshee to provide extra manpower for the two-pronged assault. Team 1 (Storm, Angel, Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler) would rescue Arcade from Dr. Doom, buying time for Havok, Polaris, Iceman, and Banshee to rescue their friends from Murderworld.

Professor X was unable to contact Cyclops. That may have been because he was just waking up on an unknown Caribbean beach where he and Lee Forrester may have been the only inhabitants. Lee had been tossed overboard by a freak storm, and Scott dove in after her, and now they were stranded.

Meanwhile at Doom's Castle, the Adirondacks, Storm made a dramatic entrance and demanded to speak with Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom emerged and consented to discussing Storm's demand (that he release Arcade) over dinner. Meanwhile the other X-Men in her team infiltrated the castle to rescue Arcade. Unfortunately for them, they found Arcade's cell empty, and were then set upon by men in battle-suits. A fierce battle ensued with the X-Men victorious. In the dining room, Doom was monitoring the battle while engaging Storm in conversation. When it became apparent the battle-suits had lost, Doom presented another of his guests, Arcade. Realizing it was a trap, Storm attacked Doom, but he withstood the assault and hit Storm with a weapon that turned her into a statue. The other X-Men arrived seconds too late, only to be laid low by energy weapons. Colossus emerged unscathed, but Dr. Doom paralyzed him with a neural disruptor and emerged victorious.


The Doctor Doom in this issue is later confirmed to be a Doombot (see next issue's Trivia section).

  • Havok's name is misspelled throughout as "Havoc".
  • Aleytys' name is misspelled as "Aleytis" throughout.
  • Printing Error: The first time Marvel Two-In-One #68 is cited, 68 is accidentally omitted, although space was clearly left for it, and the # sign is there.
  • Iceman's dorm room includes a poster for Space Cruiser Yamato, as well as Star Wars and KISS comics.

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  1. See Marvel Two-In-One #68.
  2. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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