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Brood Queen

Appearing in "The Goldilocks Syndrome! (or: "Who's Been Sleeping in My Head?")"

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Synopsis for "The Goldilocks Syndrome! (or: "Who's Been Sleeping in My Head?")"

The New Mutants are spending their evening watching an episode of Magnum P.I. in relative quiet when suddenly the X-Men burst into the mansion seeking out Professor X, as they have determined that he has been infected with a Brood Queen embryo.[1] During the confusion, the X-Men and New Mutants battle each other while Kitty goes upstairs looking for the Professor. Despite being armed with a Shi'ar blaster, she is easily disarmed by Xavier knocked downstairs. The X-Men round up the younger mutants downstairs when Xavier transforms into his Brood form and attacks them all. Cyclops blasts the Brood out of the mansion, and the teams continue to pursue the monster along with Binary. After a pitched battle, they finally subdue the Brood. With the Brood unconscious, Xavier is able to assert himself and begs Cyclops to kill him, but he refuses.

They bring the Brood aboard the Starjammer in order to have Sikorsky and Dr. Moira MacTaggert attempt to reverse Xavier's transformation into the Brood. However, they are unable to the reverse the process but they clone a new body for Xavier and intend to transplant his mind into it.

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Elsewhere aboard the ship, Kitty is recovering from her injuries with Piotr Rasputin and Illyana Rasputina by her side. Storm observes them and notes that her once close friendship with Kitty might be coming to an end which causes her to feel alone. She speaks with Nightcrawler and they remark on the New Mutants who were formed during the X-Men's absence.[2] Nearby, Scott asks his father, Christopher Summers, if he can join the Starjammers when they leave Earth. Corsair agrees, and asks Scott if he wants to meet his grandparents before they leave.

Gladiator arrives aboard the Starjammer demanding to see Lilandra. He reports to her that he recently encountered the Fantastic Four[3] and learned that Reed Richards had prevented the death of Galactus.[4] Upon hearing this, Lilandra is furious, and sends a holographic message to Richards and Susan Storm warning that they will be held partially responsible under Shi-ar law if Galactus continues to destroy worlds.

The transplant of Xavier's mind to his new body is successful and, since this new body's legs are undamaged, he is able to stand unassisted briefly. But the pain is too great for him to remain standing for more than a few moments. However, Dr. MacTaggert suggests that he may be able to walk pain free with sufficient therapy.

Xavier formally introduces the X-Men to his new students, and announces that Kitty will leave the X-Men and join the New Mutants, much to her surprise and dismay.


  • This is the first meeting of the X-Men and the New Mutants.
  • This story takes place after New Mutants #3.
  • The story title has two names: "The Goldilocks Syndrome!" or "Who's Been Sleeping in My Head?"

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