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Synopsis for "Rogue"

Storm addresses the Morlocks in the Alley as their new leader, having defeated Callisto in a duel.[1] She announces that they shall not attack the surface dwellers any longer. Callisto, despite her weakened state, confronts Storm and threatens to take back leadership of the Morlocks one day, but Storm disregards her threat. Nightcrawler is concerned that Storm's personality is changing to become much more ruthless, and she doesn't seem to mind.

Back at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Lilandra is helping Charles Xavier with his therapy to recover his ability to walk with his newly cloned body,[2] but his efforts are becoming too painful. Xavier detects that Rogue has arrived at the school, and notifies Colossus to greet their visitor. Xavier gathers the X-Men along with Illyana, Lilandra and Rogue to hear what she has to say. She asks for Xavier's help in controlling her powers, but Ariel (Kitty Pryde), Nightcrawler, and Storm are skeptical. After a brief discussion, Xavier asks the others to leave so he and Lilandra can talk with Rogue without distraction from their negative emotions. The X-Men leave to take out their frustrations in the Danger Room. Illyana intends to start a training program, but instead brings up and image from Belasco's throne room. Kitty is surprised by the manifestation, and attempts to turn off the program, but Illyana, possessed by some form of madness, produces the Soulsword and attacks her. Kitty disarms her which brings Illyana back to her senses. Ororo spends time alone in her loft reflecting on the changes in her personality recently, when Xavier calls the X-Men back to his study and declares that Rogue will be a member of the team on a probationary basis.

Rogue attacked by Binary

At the Danvers' home in Beverly, Massachusetts, Carol Danvers visits with her parents. As Carol leaves, the good-bye is a hollow one as her personal feelings towards her parents are gone since Rogue stripped away her memories and powers.[3] She returns to Xavier's school shocked to find Rogue there and immediately attacks her. The X-Men break up the battle and explain to Binary that Rogue has been admitted to the school as well as membership to the team. However, the X-Men are reluctant to welcome the former villain until Xavier convinces them that any mutant should be given a chance for a better life. Hearing this, Binary flies off in anger.

In Anchorage, Madelyne Pryor wakes up from a nightmare, and Scott Summers comes running to her side. After she calms down she tells Scott about the 747 crash where she was the only survivor. She gives the date of the accident as September 1, 1980 which Scott recognizes as the date Jean Grey died.[4]

Solicit Synopsis

The sparks fly when the mutant Rogue joins the X-Men and her most bitter foe. Carol Danvers (now the Binary) finds about it.


  • Later it was decided that the Soulsword couldn't harm people, but that wasn't established at this point. In fact, this is its first appearance. Illyana does not yet manifest her armor when she forms her Soulsword.
  • Wolverine doesn't appear from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 169 to Vol 1 171 since he is away in Japan.[5]


  • There are some chronology problems here because of Marvel Time. In Marvel Time, every comic occurs when it is published, but previous issues get shifted forward in time. Thus the events of this issue happen in 1983. However, giving a date puts a real time-bound on this (and, in fact, X-Men #137 was published in September 1980), meaning Claremont is using real-time for this reference, so 3 years have passed. However, Claremont also uses Marvel Time - Kitty Pryde is 13 when introduced (X-Men #129 and not yet 15 in Uncanny X-Men #189, so less than 2 years have 'happened' between those 2 issues. See also X-Men_(Earth-616)/Retcons#Modern_Age.
  • The cover features the classic line, "Welcome to the X-Men Rogue... Hope you survive the experience!" The line was first used when Kitty Pryde first joined the team [6], and was also used when Havok re-joined.[7]
  • This issue, in which Rogue joins the X-Men, was voted 49th greatest Marvel Comic of all time.[citation needed]

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