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Appearing in "Scarlet in Glory"

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  • Mariko's car

Synopsis for "Scarlet in Glory"

Wolverine vs Silver Samurai (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men 1 172 0001
Storm and Yukio (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men 1 172 0001

Members of the X-Men arrive at Mariko Yashida's apartment in Japan ahead of Wolverine and Mariko's wedding, which is to occur in 5 days. Wolverine greets all of them warmly, except Rogue, who remains in the doorway until Mariko welcomes her inside. Logan has not forgiven Rogue for taking the powers and memories from Carol Danvers,[1] but Storm says that Charles Xavier has accepted her as a member of the team.[2] Silver Samurai is outside the building, spying on the conversation inside when he is attacked by Yukio. Wolverine hears the commotion and asks Nightcrawler to teleport him outside to find out what is happening. Wolverine immediately attacks the samurai who flees; Yukio also runs away, leaping across the rooftops, but looses her footing. Storm catches her before she falls to the street below, and the women have a brief conversation before Yukio makes another playful exit. The group returns inside where Storm explains that Harada had previously teamed up with Viper to battle the New Mutants which resulted in the death of Xuân Cao Mạnh.[3] Wolverine describes Clan Yashida's ties to the criminal underworld in Japan, and how Mariko's father Shingen was head of the clan until Wolverine killed him.[4] They theorize that the Silver Samurai may be looking to expand his influence globally. Mariko secretly leaves the apartment for a meeting with Kenuichio Harada; meanwhile Viper knocks Mariko's maid unconscious and takes her place to serve tea laced with poison to the X-Men at the apartment. Wolverine drinks the tea, realizes it's been poisoned and warns Storm as he falls to the floor. Storm drops the tea before having a drink, but the rest of the X-Men have already succumbed to the poison.

Mariko leaves for her secret meeting with Keniuchio, not realizing that her driver is in fact Yukio in disguise. She arrives at a nondescript warehouse where Harada, Viper and Nabatone Yokuse are waiting for her. Nabatone will act as arbiter of the dispute between the two, but Mariko declares that she rules Clan Yashida regardless of Keniuchio's claim. However, Nabatone reveals that she not really Mariko but Yukio in disguise, which sets off a battle between her and Silver Samurai. Meanwhile, Viper goes out to Mariko's car to find her, but after opening the door she is blown back by a powerful wind gust, knocking her unconscious. Storm tells the real Mariko to leave immediately while Storm joins Yukio in the fight against Harada. She directs a bolt of lightening at him, but it is more powerful than she expected so she tries to draw the power back into herself. But she loses control and lightening fires throughout the warehouse detonating explosives. Yukio, seeing the danger, grabs Mariko's kimono she discarded earlier and leaps to smother and push Storm and herself out of the warehouse as it explodes. Silver Samurai survives the explosion and recovers Viper, vowing revenge.

At a Tokyo hospital, Wolverine and Rogue have both recovered enough to go after the Silver Samurai while the rest of the X-Men remain in intensive care.

In Anchorage, Alaska, Scott Summers is searching through files on Madelyne Pryor intending to find a link between her and Jean Grey. His brother Alex confronts Scott on his activities questioning his motivations.


  • With the exception of the scene in Alaska, the story is narrated from Wolverine's viewpoint
  • This story takes place after the events of Wolverine #4
  • Nabatone Yokuse is later revealed to be Mastermind.[5]
  • Rogue attributes her fast recovery from the poison to her being half-alien. This depends on an interpretation of her theft of Carol Danvers's powers that includes the transfer of Carol's hybrid physiology. We know that Carol retains that physiology.[6] However, this never been referenced again and it is uncertain how "true" this explanation is.

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