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Quote1.png Just precisely who are these people...and what the blazes have you gotten me into? Quote2.png
Madelyne Pryor to Cyclops

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Synopsis for "To Have and Have Not"

Rogue battles Viper's assassins

In Tokyo Japan, Wolverine and Rogue interrogate yakuza members in a Ginza district bar to find out the whereabouts of yakuza leader Nabatone Yokuse. They get information from gang member Akio that leads them to their quarry, however when they reach Nabatone's estate they find that the crime lord has been dead for some time. Wolverine realizes that they've been tricked to leave the X-Men unprotected at the hospital, where they are recovering from being poisioned.[1] They rush back to the hospital to find that Viper and Silver Samurai have already led a group of assassins there to kill the X-Men. Rogue battles the group of assassins while Wolverine takes on Silver Samurai. Wolverine defeats the samurai and is about to kill him when Mariko Yashida intervenes, begging for mercy for her half-brother. Viper arrives armed with a ray gun and fires at Wolverine and Mariko, but Rogue blocks the blasts from the gun until the device overloads and is destroyed. However, Rogue is mortally wounded by the blasts; Wolverine helps her recover by allowing her to absorb his healing power to restore herself.

Elsewhere, Yukio seeks sanctuary for Storm and herself at the residence of her friend, Tak. He refuses to allow them inside since a death mark has been put on them by a yakuza leader. They decide to make their way on foot to the hospital where members of the X-Men are recovering, but a group of street thugs confronts them. They take out the gang easily and Storm finds herself enjoying using her powers to inflict pain on their attackers.

One week later, at the Clan Yashida ancestral stronghold, while Mariko is preparing for her and Wolverine's wedding ceremony, she is approached by a mysterious man who wishes her and her fiancé well. Later, the wedding party gathers for the traditional Shinto ceremony, Lilandra is taken aback by meeting Madelyne Pryor for the first time, mistaking her for Jean Grey. Storm arrives showing off her new more rebellious look for the first time to her teammates; Kitty Pryde is horrified by the change. Mariko arrives and announces that there will be no wedding since Wolverine is not worthy, and quickly leaves, ending the proceedings. Jason Wyngarde appears in the background, satisfied with how things unfolded.

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It's the social event of the season as Viper, Silver Samurai and Captain America are just a few of the guests at Wolverine's wedding!


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