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-- Madelyne Pryor

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Synopsis for "Romances"

Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor rest on the Starjammer and watch an "earthrise". In the cockpit, Corsair introduces Binary as a member of the Starjammers. Corsair offers Cyclops to join the Starjammers. Cyclops hesitates. In the medical bay, Lilandra helps Professor X in his leg physical therapy. She tells him that she is going to need to go back to the Shi'ar Empire since her sister, Deathbird, has ascended the throne. She asks Xavier to come with her and he says that he must stay with the X-Men and New Mutants. Back on the bridge, Madelyne tells Cyclops not to refuse his father's offer to join the Starjammers on her account.

In Japan, Wolverine enters the main grounds of the Yashida Clan estate. He is looking for Mariko. He asks her why she will not marry him and she explains that she cannot marry her father's murderer. Wolverine returns the clan's "Honor Sword" she had given him. The Silver Samurai boasts that he is Mariko's new heir. Wolverine is then told to leave the house and Yashida land forever.

At the X-Mansion, Ariel interrupts Colossus from his painting and brings him to the mansion's attic where Storm has removed all of her plants. There they embrace and kiss. Storm interrupts them and explains that she has changed her room to match her new attitude. Nightcrawler tends to Rogue's wounds and she asks about Madelyne Pryor taking Jean Grey's "spot". Nightcrawler explains the story of the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix to Rogue. He goes to his room and finds a package from Amanda Sefton. It is a doll of a witch on a broom with a note telling him she knows he would prefer the real thing instead of the doll.

Meanwhile, Cyclops and Madelyne are back on Earth and headed toward Anchorage. Cyclops walks the fuselage and encounters a priest who found a photo on the floor of Jean Grey. Scott does not recognize the picture as his and stashes it. The priest seems to be plotting something for Scott. The couple enjoys themselves at Madelyne's house where they begin to celebrate their relationship. They do not realize that Mastermind is hidden in the garage. Inside, Scott asks Madelyne if she is a reincarnation of Jean Grey or the Phoenix. She punches him and disappears. Scott recovers and looks up to find the Dark Phoenix walking through the doorway. She attacks him and then stands over his burning body.

Solicit Synopsis

The aftermath of Wolverine's wedding and the prelude to Scott's.


  • Nightcrawler recalls Dark Phoenix and explains to Rogue how she killed herself.


  • This is the first Uncanny X-Men issue with the new cover format that removes the Marvel Comics Group bar from across the top of the comic.
  • Kitty is shown reading a Marvel comic book of "Star Wars".

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