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Synopsis for "Sanction"

Mystique is in a Circus when Wolverine ambushes her from behind. She dodges, but he still draws blood. After a quick but brutal fight, she slits his throat and he bleeds out. Kitty Pryde phases up out of the ground moments later, and seeing Wolverine down, rushes over to him. It's, not Wolverine - its Mystique playing dead - and she's just gutted the girl. Suddenly the building behind Mystique explodes as a huge hurled stone strikes it, sending her flying.

Colossus confronts her in a rage, and she realizes Cyclops is also there as he clips her from behind - she retreats into a funhouse hall of mirrors. The funhouse is really a carefully constructed trap, and she uses it to focus Cyclops optic beam and amplify it until it can penetrate even Colossus's armored body! Cyclops, distraught over Peter's death, doesn't notice Mystique as she comes up behind him and garotte's him.

Having changed into a combat suit, Mystique gets confronted by Storm. But the suit absorbs her lightning and lets her channel it back at Storm. Storm dodges, but Mystique wasn't aiming at Storm, but at the tank of gasoline behind her! No longer held aloft by Storm's winds, she falls through the big top, and catches the bars - only to have Rogue try to bring the house down! Mystique pulls a blaster on her, and it actually finishes Rogue. In agony over having killed her foster daughter, she's totally unprepared for Nightcrawler's attack, however, his multi-porting doesn't phase Mystique at all! She draws a dagger for the kill, but finds herself unable to follow through - and Nightcrawler knocks her out.

She comes to with Destiny looking over her. Arcade and Miss Locke come in to celebrate her performance. Mystique wants all the Brotherhood to train in Murderworld - same deal, one of the robots will be set to kill. Mystique asks which was in hers, and Arcade tells her it was Rogue. After Arcade and Miss Locke leaves, Irene tells Mystique that her vendetta against the X-Men is a mistake.

Salem Center. Kitty is about to leave her dance lessons, and she starts to talk to Stevie about Ororo's change in personality when Ororo comes to pick her up. But Kitty doesn't want to talk to Ororo right then and walks past her.

The Starjammer. Charles and Lilandra say their goodbyes, and Corsair bids his sons farewell. The Starjammers leave earth with Lilandra to reclaim her throne.

Kurt, Amanda Sefton, Kitty, and Peter go to see the Royal Ballet at Lincoln Center. Peter drops Kurt and Amanda off, then he and Kitty go to park the car. Kitty and Peter finally park the car and are walking towards Lincoln Center[1] when they see an explosion on top of a nearby building! Colossus rushes up to save anyone he can from the fire while Kitty runs off to call help. However, Colossus finds no fire, only Blob! Blob punches Colossus through the wall where he is caught by Pyro's firebird! Pyro heats him till he's red hot, then throws him to earth in the midst of semis with liquid nitrogen tanks! Avalanche's tidal wave effect sweeps the trucks towards Colossus. Kitty rushes towards the scene at the sound of his howl of agony, only to find him a frozen statue!

Solicit Synopsis

Rogue was once one of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants - now she's an X-Man! The Brotherhood wants her back - and they'll kill all the X-Men if they have to! And this is only part one - wait'll you see what happens next month!


  • The story's narration is from Mystique's point-of-view.


  • This issue celebrates the "Assistant Editor's Month". There is a one-page story for this showing Eliot Brown measuring up the Blackbird for the Marvel Handbook released that month. He is kicked out of the X-Mansion by Professor X since he has taken too long to get the correct measurements and the X-Men needs to use the jet.

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  1. Kitty mentions Doug Ramsey - and Colossus has jealous thoughts as he perceives Doug to be competition.
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