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Quote1.png When you look at it, remember him kindly -- not as the Morlock monster -- but as the Prince. Quote2.png
Caliban to Kitty, referring to himself

Appearing in "What Happened to Kitty?"

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Synopsis for "What Happened to Kitty?"

Continued from last issue...

The Morlocks have captured Kitty Pryde and are now preparing her for a forced marriage to Caliban. Having left the X-Men to believe that Kitty had died falling off the roof of the Baxter Building, Storm, Wolverine and Rogue go to examine the body. Wolverine tells his comrades that he girl on the morgue slab before them is not Kitty, making Storm wonder who could have captured her and why they went through such trouble to make the other X-Men think that she was dead.

Meanwhile, at the X-Mansion, Nightcrawler examines Colossus's frozen body and cannot detect a heartbeat, making he, Professor X, Illyana, and Amanda Sefton wonder if even in his armored form he could have survived being frozen. Their examination is interrupted when Storm contacts Professor X telepathically and tells him of the news surrounding "Kitty's" death. Before she can tell him whom she believes is behind the capture the Professor is struck by a powerful mental probe by some alien force of great power[1] and passes out.

Down in the Morlock Tunnels, Kitty snaps out of her stupor to find that the Morlocks are attempting to marry her off to Caliban. When she attempts to resist, Callisto points out that when she was down in the tunnels previously, she promised to do whatever Caliban wanted if he helped her[2]. Caliban wished to marry the girl, and Callisto is trying to bind her to her promise, even though Caliban realizes that the girl could never love him. When Kitty attempts to flee into the sewers she comes across the young Morlock named Leech who is lost and scared in the tunnels. She decides to lead the boy back and agrees to honor her promise.

Before the ceremony, Masque is brought in to alter Kitty's face so that she is deformed like all the Morlocks. However, when Masque's despisement of all things pretty makes him torment her, Callisto orders him to stop and change her back to normal. As the wedding ceremony begins, it is interrupted by the arrival of Storm, Rogue and Wolverine. A brief battle begins between the X-Men and the Morlocks before Kitty stops them and explains that she promised to Caliban and reminds them that saving Colossus is more important that fighting each other.

A solution is soon made: Taking Callisto and the Morlock known as the Healer back to the X-Mansion, the Professor has Rogue absorb Colossus's powers. When the Russian mutant reverts back to his human form the Healer then uses his powers to heal his wounds. With Peter recovering in the infirmary, Kitty leaves to return to the Morlock tunnels giving Illyana to give letters to her parents and Peter to explain what happened. When she goes down she is met by Caliban, who tells her that he realizes that it is not right to force her to marry him or stay in the Morlock tunnels against her will and releases her from her promise. Before departing, he gives the young mutant a single rose before returning to the tunnels.

Solicit Synopsis

Kitty Pryde must suffer the consequences of her actions! She promised Caliban she would stay with the macabre Morlocks forever in issue #170 - and now they've come for her! Will she go back on her word - or betray the X-Men?

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  • Uncanny X-Men #148 - Caliban introduced, revealed to be interested in the "Sprite-child"
  • Uncanny X-Men #169170 - first appearance Morlocks, Kitty promises Caliban she'll stay with him if he helps X-Men.

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  1. That would be the Beyonder as it will be revealed in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1
  2. Uncanny X-Men #170
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