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Quote1.png Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... dragon! Quote2.png
--Several Japanese children

Appearing in "Tokyo Story"

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  • Puff (First appearance)

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  • Japanese tanks and fighter jets

Synopsis for "Tokyo Story"

This story follows the events of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #12...

Professor X, Wolverine, Colossus, Rogue, Storm, and Lockheed are all teleported back to Earth following their ordeal on Battleworld with the Beyonder. Along with them was a small dragon companion that had befriended Lockheed. Upon their arrival, the dragon would grow to a massive size and fly off, while the X-Men would fall to the ground. Learning that they have been teleported to Japan, they also learn of Lockheed's friend becoming a massive creature. Learning that they have been gone for over a week, the Professor sends Rogue to America to check on the fate of Doug Ramsey and Kitty Pryde, as well as make sure that the New Mutants and Cyclops are okay while they deal with the threat of the dragon they brought back with them.

As the dragon begins wrecking Tokyo, the Japanese mobilize their military to deal with the threat. While reports are coming in Mariko Yoshida and her cousin Sunfire learn that the X-Men, and Wolverine, are in Japan as well to combat the creature. The X-Men catch up with the monster and as Storm keeps it occupied, the others rescue any civilians that get in the way of danger. Soon, Sunfire and the military arrive to deal with the monster. However, as they battle the creature the X-Men note that their weapons have little effect on them.

Meanwhile, at the Beachcomber Hotel in Tahiti, Cyclops appears before a grief-stricken Madelyne. She is upset that he vanished out of her arms and was missing for a whole week while on their honeymoon. However, despite this, Scott manages to calm her down and the newlyweds make up.

As the battle rages on in Japan, Storm unleashes her full fury on the creature. While down below, some wreckage lands on the Professor's legs making him panic about the potential of losing his ability to walk. He is rescued by Colossus, while Wolverine goes off looking for others. He comes across a dying woman and her daughter Amiko. The woman asks Wolverine to look after her, and Logan vows to keep care of the young orphaned girl.

Meanwhile, Sunfire and Storm are knocked out by the dragon and as the creature is about to kill them, Lockheed confronts it. Blowing fire in its face wounds the giant dragon emotionally and it flies away with Lockheed following behind, yelling at it. Suddenly, the creature suddenly kills itself in a massive energy burst. In the aftermath of the battle, the X-Men realize that the creature was attempting to build a nest for itself and Lockheed to live in together and that when Lockheed rejected the creature it committed suicide.

While in Washington D.C., Senator Robert Kelly attempts to have legislation passed for his new Mutant Control Act supported by his colleagues. Meeting with Senator Phillip, Kelly pressures him to support the bill. Phillip refuses, believing that this is tantamount to legalizing slavery and vows to do everything in his power to prevent the bill from coming into law. He tells his colleague that he hopes that trying to motion this bill will not cause irreversible damage.

Solicit Synopsis

When the X-Men return to Earth from their "mysterious disappearance," they find themselves... in Tokyo! Everything would be only normally confused for our mutants, if they didn't now have to contend with a giant dragon! Amidst all this, shocking revelations, and a guest appearance by Sunfire!


  • This story takes place immediately after the Secret Wars.
  • As Wolverine grumbles in frustration, he is yet again in Japan, the country he has spent the most time in other than the United States and his birthplace of Canada.
  • The last time the X-Men arrived in Japan after a battle they also found themselves in another one; the team fought Moses Magnum in X-Men #118-119.
  • The Mutant Registration Act first appears.
  • As the issue depicts, monsters frequently attack Japan. The children try to identify the dragon in their "monster books" that they all carry on-hand. Monster Isle reports to the military that all monsters are accounted for. The Japanese military states that the monster should not be there since it is "off-season".

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