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Quote1.png There's a part of me as wild an' fierce as my namesake. I'm a hard man.. given to hard ways.. when I fight, it's to win. That isn't pretty, an' it sure isn't nice. But bein' a man.. that means choosin' to grow an' change an' put aside the old ways. Quote2.png
Wolverine (Logan)

Appearing in "Wounded Wolf"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Miss Randolph (Katie's baby sitter) (First appearance)
  • Several unnamed New Yorkers
  • NYPD
  • Unnamed New York taxi driver

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Synopsis for "Wounded Wolf"

Lady Deathstrike pays Spiral for turning her and three former Hellfire Club guards into cyborgs at her Body Shop. They want to kill Wolverine, who greviously injured them, and then have the process reversed. While Lady Deathstrike wishes to remove Wolverine's Adamantium bones as she believes that the process was stolen from her father.

The four cyborgs track down and attack Wolverine during a snowstorm during the busy Christmas shopping season. In their initial attack on the crowded streets they cause a panic separating young Katie Power from her baby sitter Miss Randolph. As the youngest member of the Power Pack attempts to find her baby sitter she instead finds the seriously wounded Wolverine. Wolverine in a near feral state frightens the girl and when the police arrive he scares her further by picking her up and running away with the police firing after him into the swirling snow storm. When Wolverine trips and falls in the snow he drops young Katie who changes into her costume and incinerates a garbage pale to generate enough power to -- well, she's not sure what she will do when Wolverine gets up, because she knows he's a hero but she doesn't know why he is acting so strangely. When she gets a closer look she realizes that Wolverine has been seriously injured and makes the connection that the men who caused the shooting were after him.

Noticing the cyborgs lights searching for Wolverine, Katie helps Logan to his feet and tries to lead him to safety. When she spots an on-duty taxi cab she manages to get it to stop and gets Logan in the back. She explains to her driver that her "uncle" has been beat up and he agrees to try and take them to a hospital. However, the cyborgs manage to find Wolverine, with Lady Deathstrike incapacitating the cab. Wolverine tosses both Katie and the cab driver out of the vehicle as Cole fires at it causing it to explode. Katie his afraid that Wolverine has been killed when suddenly the feral mutant pops out of the flames alive and relatively well.

Wolverine then grabs the girl and flees again, but the two stumble into a construction yard. With Wolverine's mind partially restored he struggles to remember who Katie is and can only speak in Japanese. Katie realizes that Wolverine is cold and gives him her winter jacket. As Wolverine begins to shake off the drugs that he has been hit with, he explains to her that his healing factor is helping heal his body and his mind and now remembers her as one of the Power children. When the cyborgs track them down again, Wolverine gets them both to cover and tells Katie to stay behind and cover her eyes because what he is about to do won't be pretty. When she wants to help, he tells her to stay hidden and that she did her part keeping him away from his enemies long enough to heal. He then leaves her to attack the cyborgs that have come to kill him.

Logan quickly dispatches Cole, Macon and Reece with relative ease leaving him in a one-on-one duel with Lady Deathstrike. As the two battle it out, Wolverine gains the upper hand and easily trounces Lady Deathstrike. Stripping away her armor and seeing how fully she had gone with the cybernetic implants shocks Wolverine. He points out that she has no humanity left, as what was done with him was forced upon him while she willingly allowed herself to be turned into an abomination for something as petty as some misplaced desire of revenge. When the defeated Lady Deathstrike begs him to kill her out of mercy, Wolverine refuses and walks away.

Checking on Katie, he finds that she is fine and when she asks if Wolverine had killed the cyborgs. Wolverine doesn't mince words, but tells her that the part of his life where he would have killed for such an attack are behind him but there is still a part of him that's as wild as ever. He asks her if she's still scared, and Katie admits that she still is a little. Wolverine tells her that it's okay and walks her away to reunite her with her family. Katie tells Wolverine that he has a friend in her, and Wolverine tells her likewise and they walk off into the winter storm together.


  • Wolverine encountered Lady Deathstrike once before in Alpha Flight #3334. She thinks him responsible for stealing her father’s work, as he was the first person to discover the adamantium bonding process.
  • Cole, Reese and Macon are former Hellfire Club guards whom Wolverine sliced up pretty good in X-Men #133.

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