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Quote1 Snooping's against the rules. You break the rules, naughty girl... you get punished. Quote2
Crimson Commando

Appearing in "Old Soldiers"

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Synopsis for "Old Soldiers"

Madelyne Summers remembers flying a Boeing of 387 passengers into San Francisco International Airport. It is on fire and crashes. Only she walks out of the flames. She then finds herself in an ambulance and her paramedics are Arclight and Scalphunter, Marauders, who chase her and then shoot her. It is shown to have been a dream, although with some real moments.

At the X-Mansion, the team is recovering from the recent Marauders attack. Colossus, Shadowcat, and Nightcrawler are loaded into the Blackbird to fly them and some of Callisto's Morlocks to Muir Island where their recovery can be monitored. Storm decides to split the team up so they are not all attacked by Marauders if they strike again. Rogue flies the team to Muir Island while Storm stays behind. As the Blackbird flies off, Storm finds Wolverine in the mansion's woods. Storm asks Wolverine to come with her to upstate New York as a backup.

Meanwhile, in a San Francisco hospital, Madelyne Summers is recovering from real gunshot wounds she has sustained. The doctors talk as if she should not have survived the night but have somehow pulled through. They also do not know the name of this "Jane Doe". As they walk out Madelyne suddenly wakes up and then remembers her name to be Madelyne Pryor and she announces this to the doctors.

Storm and Wolverine go to the burning home of Sara Grey, Jean Grey's sister. They find the home to still be burning and try to find the reason as to the assault. Wolverine determines it was done with dynamite and gasoline. Storm searches the burning rubble and thinks of all those she holds dear and must warn, like Forge. She wonders why her thoughts go to him since he recently "stole" her powers from her with his machines. Wolverine then picks up on ascent. He says Sara got out before the fire but there is another one who was not so fortunate. He suddenly stands up and screams, "No!". He has picked up on the scent of Jean Grey, who he thought to be dead. He goes berserk and strikes out at Storm and runs off into the forest leaving Storm unconscious.

In the Blackbird, Shadowcat, who now cannot "unphase" herself, sneaks out of her life-cell and wanders the jet. She is seen by Rogue and told to get back since she should not be wandering the ship in her condition. Before going back she sees Longshot sleeping and kisses him. He awakens and says he "saw" her future when she touched him and it was jumbled and was a void that hungered for her. He asks Rogue if this could mean death for her and she says, "Could be".

Storm wakes up in a dungeon and is chained to the wall. She picks the locks and sees another in the cell. She leaves her and goes upstairs to find she is in a hunting lodge filled with trophies and medals. She notices three shadows walking toward the lodge. She jumps upstairs and is then caught by her captors. They are talking of a hunt they have just come from and since she broke the rules, they will punish her. She tries to escape but finds they are mutants as well. They are Crimson Commando, Stonewall, and Super Sabre. They fight and Super Sabre then runs behind her and flicks his fingers quick enough to cause a micro-sonic boom that knocks her unconscious.

She awakens outside the front of the lodge. Her captors have gathered together her and her cellmate, Priscilla Morrison, a human with a very dark past. They have decided to make them a part of their hunt. They say that they go after people who cannot be captured or prosecuted for crimes they commit and then use them in a hunt as a game for them. This way they rid the world of the criminal while still hunting for sport. Their last hunt was of Priscilla's boyfriend, Tommy. As for Storm, they say that they found her with Sara Grey's possessions on her and at the scene of a crime of arson. She says she is not a criminal but knows they will not free her and she takes off her sweater and she and Priscilla run into the forest. They have till sunset before the hunt begins. The two run through the forest and Storm realizes that Wolverine is nowhere in sight and she must watch after Priscilla as the hunters begin their hunt.

This story continued next issue...

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