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Quote1.png You are the maker of things, as Naze said. But what you create here is chaos and pain. A world of unending misery and slaughter. I love you still And I fear always will. But this abomination -- I cannot abide! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Dark Before the Dawn"

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Other Characters:

  • Unnamed citizens of San Francisco
  • Lou, Joe and other patrons of Murphy's Gym
  • Unnamed patrons of Club DV8
  • SFPD
  • Bay City Badland Boppers
    • Joby
    • Unnamed members



Synopsis for "The Dark Before the Dawn"

Continued from last issue...

In the unseasonal cold weather near Yellowstone, Wyoming, Storm has been given some traditional Cheyenne clothing to combat the cold. When Storm asks how there could be snow in the middle of the summer, Naze points out that it's the doing of the Adversary. When she asks why the Adversary seeks to cause utter chaos, Naze can only say that the creature thrives on causing the entire universe to fall apart all at once, causing universal entropy so that it can recreate all existence and start his game all over again. When Ororo asks why, Naze cannot answer for the gods, and admits he admires the Adversary's "brass", much like he does that of Storm. When he tries to liken the Adversary to a weaver who pulls apart it's threading, Storm considers this abominable due to the fact that the "strands" that the Adversary is playing with are people's lives. They finally reach the point where they must part as they approach the summit of the mountain that Forge is at the top of. Naze says Storm has to go alone, as Forge has undoubtedly set up traps for him, and she could slip by undetected and take him off guard due to Forge's feelings for her. Storm thanks Naze for his help and hugs him and he gives her a kiss in return, one that Storm warmly accepts. She tells him that she will cherish that kiss until she returns. When Storm is out of earshot, Naze doubts she will and remarks that no matter what Ororo's fate, he will win one way or the other.

While in San Francisco, Valerie Cooper is holding a press conference with Freedom Force members Crimson Commando and Destiny. She calls for an end to mutant violence and applauds the up soon to be tabled Mutant Special Powers Registration Act. This act, she explains, will require all superhumans to register with the government. When the press asks about the civil liberties of those who would be forced to register, Valerie points out that the rights of the many outweigh the needs of the few. However, one reporter finds that discriminating the minority to "protect" the majority goes against the ideals of a democracy and criticizes her selecting former criminals to be members of the Freedom Force. Cooper, however, states that in order to catch a fox, you get other foxes.

While at a local gym, Rogue practices with a special weight lifting machine that the owner purchased off the Fantastic Four during a period they were short on money hoping to use it as a marketing gimmick when she is approached by Mystique. Rogue is happy to see her adopted mother again, however the happy reunion shifts in tone when Mystique warns Rogue about Destiny's vision that the X-Men -- Rogue included -- are fated to die in Dallas, Texas in the near future. She begs Rogue to leave the X-Men and come back to her where it's safe. However, Rogue refuses to tell her that the X-Men are family and she can't abandon them. Mystique is hurt by this, seeing that she will stick by the X-Men but not the woman who saved her and leaves in tears.

While at Club DV8, Dazzler puts on an impromptu show, thanks to a connection made by Lila Cheney. However, when a drunk knocks out the lights, Dazzler uses her mutant powers to illuminate the bar, and the audience eats it up. Walking off stage, she finds Logan waiting who tells her that he liked the show. However, he cautions her about using her powers so openly because it will make her a potential target. Upset that she screwed up again Dazzler apologizes, but Logan tells her to think harder in the future. Rogue arrives to tell Logan that the X-Men may not have a future at all. While, near Union Square, Alex and Longshot are getting out of the theater after seeing Raiders of the Lost Temple, with Longshot not remembering that he had acted in that movie himself.[1] When they see some thugs shoot some cops and kidnap a girl, speeding off in their car, Longshot springs into action. His luck powers and daggers incapacitate the car allowing him to rescue the girl -- who is instantly smitten by Longshot -- leaving Alex to deal with the thugs. Using his mutant powers to turn their car into slag, Alex warns them about continuing their criminal careers. When Detective Morelli arrives the gang is eager to allow themselves to be arrested. Morelli warns Alex that the Freedom Force is back in town and will be gunning for the X-Men if they are not careful, Alex thanks her for the warning.

When the X-Men reunite at their temporary headquarters within Alcatraz, Rogue tells her teammates about the warning Mystique gave her. Logan, knowing that Destiny has been wrong before, still thinks they can't afford to take the chance. Since Ororo is unreachable due to her private mission Logan decides that the safe bet is to stay away from Dallas, however, he has no intention of staying away. He tells the X-Men that hey do not have to accompany him, however, the team is united in going, and Madelyne also offers to tag along. Logan initially refuses, however when she points out she may be killed at the hands of the Marauders if they leave her alone, so why bother staying behind if her fate is the same, Logan agrees to let her go. As the X-Men board the Blackbird to go and investigate, Psylocke decides to try and call Storm telepathically.

In Wyoming, Storm faintly hears Betsy's call but dismisses it as the wind as she scales the mountain side. Suddenly, she is ambushed by a horde of demons, however they prove to be immaterial. As a powerful storm hurling black lightning bolts fills the sky, Storm reaches the top and finds Forge at the mountains apex which has a huge mystical portal open in the very fabric of reality and within: nothing but darkness. Before Ororo can run to Forge she is attacked by a demon whom she easily kills. More appear and tell her to surrender to their master and he will restore her powers however Storm -- thinking they mean Forge -- denies this offer and fights her way through the demon horde. She is soon overwhelmed, however remembering everything Naze told her and everything that is at stake she refuses to give up and miraculously manages to slay all the demons and reach Forge.

When Forge notices her presence he is surprised to see her and before he can get any answers from her she stabs him. When she tells him she had to stop him from opening the gate, he tells her that he was really trying to close the gate and prevent the destruction of the world. Seeing the truth in his eyes, Storm realizes that she was tricked, and as a demon horde swarms up the top of the mountain, Storm embraces Forge and they both jump off the ledge. However before they can fall to their deaths they suddenly turn into energy and flair up into the void above. Watching this, "Naze" laughs at his victory, using his eldrich powers to destroy the Aerie that Forge used as a base for closing the spell. He remarks at a job well done and that when all is said and done the entire world will be his.

This story is continued next issue...



  • Ads in this issue include: [inside front cover] M&M's, The Ertl Company, Hot Comics!, East Coast Comics, Oxy (2 page advertisement), The Fall of the Mutants, Bullpen Bulletins, Comic Book Sets for Sale, [inside back cover] Chips Ahoy!, [back cover] Top Secret/S.I.

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