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Storm, toasting with Wolverine

Appearing in "'Twas the Night..."

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  • Billy Mao


Synopsis for "'Twas the Night..."

At their new secret headquarters located in the Australian outback, Storm takes the opportunity to enjoy her recently returned powers, while Madelyne Pryor uses the systems created by the Reavers to track her progress. While elsewhere on the property, the other X-Men are engaged in a training session to try and take down Rogue. While Havok and Dazzler fail, Psylocke's mental powers take her down and Logan pins her until she surrenders. When the session is over, Madelyne marvels at how advanced the systems are and hopes to use the Reaver's devices to help track down the Marauders and take back her son. As the X-Men wind down from their training session, Dazzler notices that Longshot is missing and wonder where he has gone.

Below their base, Longshot is searching the tunnels, having heard voices he goes to see if there are any prisoners of the Reavers that they might have missed when they forced the cyborgs out. What he finds is the stolen loot that they had amassed over the years. Longshot's psychometric powers are extremely sensitive to these stolen goods and they cry out to be returned to their rightful owners. Longshot is soon overwhelmed by all the phantom voices and passes out.

Later, Dazzler begins the process of cleaning the Reaver's former possessions out of the living house and is disgusted by the amount of filth the cyborgs lived in. The final straw is when Dazzler finds screams when she sees something moving, prompting Colossus to smash into the room and investigate. She is disgusted to find a mound of animal feces under the bed. Going outside she has a temper tantrum from being so far away from civilization, it prompts Storm to use her powers to create a rainstorm that literally washes out the filth, which Havok promptly incinerates with his plasma powers.

When the X-Men begin to consider Gateway, the silent Aboriginal mutant teleporter who quietly sits on the hill outside their base, Logan surmises that this is his land. Rogue makes an effort to communicate and be friendly with him, however her attempts to get him to socialize are met with silence. After a much-needed shower, Dazzler finds that Longshot has awoken from the coma they found him in and he tells them what he had gleaned from the treasure room. The X-Men confirm what Longshot had experienced, he convinces them to return everything to their rightful owners. Wolverine is the only one who has an issue with this task, although the other X-Men find it quite daunting. When Storm decides to carry out Longshot's wishes the X-Men work out a plan: Sifting through each item, they have Longshot divine their location and then they will have Gateway teleport them around the world to drop the items off to their rightful owners. As they are going through the items, Dazzler falls completely in love with a motorcycle which is among the loot, envying the original owner.

Eventually, the X-Men manage to find the homes for the majority of items and go to see Gateway. After Rogue explains what the X-Men intend to do, Psylocke telepathically gives him the locations they need to get to, and to their delight Gateway opens a portal for them to travel through. The X-Men then travel around the world dropping off all the stolen items to those who had their belongings stolen by the Reavers. Lastly, Storm makes a trip to Salem Center to look in on the New Mutants. She finds them out with their leader Magneto caroling in a snowstorm. They are not in the mood since the death of their teammate Cypher[1] and the "death" of the X-Men. Unable to reveal herself in order to maintain the X-Men's cover, Storm instead uses her powers to divert the snowstorm, making the Mutants decide to keep on caroling.

When the X-Men return to their new home, they realize that it's Christmas Day and celebrate. Dazzler gets a surprise when Logan and Storm reveal that they kept the motorcycle with her. She is happy and pulls Longshot on for a ride. Lastly, Rogue pays a visit to Gateway and gives him a gift: a wood-carved flue. Gateway is visibly touched by this and invites her to sit next to him as he plays the musical instrument for her.

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