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Quote1 All systems on-line and fully functional. Master Mold once more restored... to full operational capability. Quote2
Master Mold

Appearing in "The Day of Other Lights"

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Synopsis for "The Day of Other Lights"

Dazzler looks into the Siege Perilous and sees herself dying whilst Wolverine decides to leave to take care of some business. Carol Danvers (in control of Rogue's body) visits her brothers grave and Senator Kelly says no to funding for new Sentinel projects. Nimrod gets turned into Master Mold and is then attacked by Carol. In the midst of the battle Senator Kelly’s wife Sharon is shot by Nimrod's eye blasts.


  • Originally priced at  US and Canada.
Ads in this issue included : [inside front cover] Metal Gear Ultra Games, Bubble Bubble Taito, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Operation Wolf Taito, Mark Jewelers (four page ad), Spinjas, The World of F.I.S.T., Comic Book Conventions, Subscribe!, [inside back cover] Tengen, [back cover] Schwinn.

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