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Quote1.png Way to go, babe! Busted up those sludge-heads real good! Never see you do -- or look -- better! Quote2.png
Havok, to Polaris

Appearing in "The Shattered Star"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Semyon Eduardovitch, Lasha, Vassily, Dimitri & other unnamed Russians
  • Various Swamp Men
  • High Evolutionary (Mentioned)
  • Various Savage Land dinosaurs and animals

Races and Species:




  • High Evolutionary's flying ships

Synopsis for "The Shattered Star"

Zaladane and her forces return to Antarctica and their towering fortress in the Savage Land. Havok reveals himself only to be captured. Bound and drugged to prevent him from using his powers, he is forced to watch as Zaladane steals the powers of Polaris. Dazzler, Colossus, and Psylocke arrive on the scene and are immediately ambushed by the Savage Land Mutates. After the X-Men are captured, they are brought before Zaladane. Polaris, to everyone's surprise, begins to manifest new powers of strength and invulnerability. Swiftly, she frees the rest of the X-Men and other prisoners who revolt against Zaladane. With the tower in flames, the X-Men flee the fortress in a sky-sled, only to realize that Zaladane is still alive and has activated the tower's defensive shields. Before the X-Men can decide their next move, they are teleported back to their base in Australia by Gateway, much to the concern of Psylocke who experienced the X-Men’s death in a precognitive vision.


  • This issue celebrates the 250th issue of Uncanny X-Men


  • In this issue Havok is misnamed as "Alex Sommers", Dazzler is misnamed "Allison"

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