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Quote1 Ahhh! Such heroic sentiments, I like that -- but this is my game, my parlor, my rules. Here the house always wins. Quote2
Amahl Farouk

Appearing in "Storm Warnings!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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  • The Alhambra, a freighter (Destruction)

Synopsis for "Storm Warnings!"

Magneto "quits" as the school's headmaster. Lorna Dane is rescued by the Banshee and taken to Muir Island, her body keeps on growing and she also possesses super-strength now. During a bad weather day in Cairo, Illinois a young girl is discovered needing medical attention. She looks like Storm, but is way too young to be her. Wolverine and Jubilee escape from the Reavers base, the cyborgs pinpoint Muir Island as their most probable destination and plan to invade the island. Forge has a strange shamanic dream where he faces the Shadow King and realizes that Storm is still alive.


  • Forge has a vision quest and sees the Shadow King holding Storm prisoner and that she transforms into a little girl.

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