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Will they attack again? Will there be more fighting?
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Tom Corsi
'Fraid so.
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Good. I can't wait. This is fun.
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Appearing in "All New, All Different -- Here We Go Again!"

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  • Sean Cassidy's ship (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "All New, All Different -- Here We Go Again!"

On Muir Isle, Moira tells Lorna that Malice is completely gone, but so are her magnetic powers. She still has no idea where her superstrength came from, but the guests that Banshee is bringing to the island might help. On the mainland, Banshee meets up with Amanda Sefton and Alysande Stuart to bring them to Muir Isle, but Banshee is shot by the Reavers. Amanda pulls everyone in the water, then teleports them to Muir Isle. Moira orders everyone to get ready for combat, as it is safe to assume that the island will be under attack. She also calls for the Morlock healer to heal Banshee. Amanda tries to use her magic to get everyone into old X-Men outfits, but they all wind up in skimpy outfits, with Amanda stating that a normal spell should not have gone so poorly. The island is then attacked by the Reavers, who are trying to kill everyone there. They end up attacking the Morlocks, Warpies, and Legion, who decides that attacking is more fun than protecting and revels in the chaos, leaving Sunder to be killed.

In the tunnels beneath the former X Mansion, Callisto is being held hostage by Masque and his band of Morlocks, demanding access to Xavier's labs. Callisto refuses and has her face messed up by Masque. Far away, Destiny is having a dream where everyone has been turned to into crystal statues that show off their best attributes. As Destiny turns to crystal, she realizes that her time is coming. Mystique and Destiny then get a call from Valerie Cooper, who wants them to work with Forge to protect Muir Isle and gain support for Freedom Force among the mutant community. Mystique hates Forge, blaming him for Rogue's death, but agrees to the plan.

On Muir Isle, everyone is in uniform and Amanda and Alysande fight the Reavers, but end up captured. Banshee is nursed back to health, but notes that Moira seems different and more aggressive. He agrees to fight for her anyways to protect the island.


  • Legion is misnamed in this issue as "Daniel" instead of David.


  • Originally priced at $1.00 US and $1.25 Canada.
  • Ads in this issue included : [inside front cover] 'Bayou Billy' Konami, 'Operation Wolf' Taito, Taxan, Tradewest, Aklaim, (4 page ad) Mark Jewelers, NFL, New England Comics, Bullpen Bulletins, (1/2 page ad) Crestohl/Ross, (1/2 page ad) J & S Comics, Marvel Subscribe, [inside back cover] Sears, [back cover] Dungeon TSR
  • Sean Cassidy, Mark Hallett, David Haller, Amanda Sefton, Forge, Moira MacTaggert, and Lorna Dane are featured on the cover of this issue [Piotr Rasputin, Alexander Summers, Elizabeth Braddock, and James Howlett featured in the top left corner].
  • Uncanny X-men #250 and Uncanny X-men #211 are referenced in this issue.

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