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Jubilee to Matsu'o Tsurayaba

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Synopsis for "Broken Chains"

Wolverine has been captured by The Hand, a mysterious ninja organization that works under The Mandarin. Susceptible to Psylocke's psychic powers of possession, will Wolverine be able to escape with his mind, and body, intact?

Wolverine is in a state of stasis as the mind controlled Pylocke monitors his psychic condition, which is not well. He is at a point of psychic despair, as he is in a similar state to the state he was in during Weapon X. His bestial form is about to come out due to the circumstances. Jubilee is also captured by Matsuo Tsurayaba.

After a brief escape attempt by Jubilee, which is foiled by The Mandarin. He also attacks Matsuo and the Hand, as they attempted to command him around in his own house. Matsuo apologizes and is rebunked.

On Muir Isle, Banshee, Forge, Sharon Friedlander, and Moira MacTaggert are training. All of them seem to be tired and wary of their situation. Lorna Dane is trapped in Proteus' old room, and cannot escape as Legion has trapped her their. Back in Hong Kong, Jubilee is presented to Mandarin.

Psylocke is still fiddling with Wolverine's mind, showing him phantom versions of Jean Grey, Mariko Yashida, and Yukio. Wolverine defeats her in psychic combat, and breaks free from the cage. After defeating him once more, Psylocke presents him to Mandarin, but Jubilee manages to get free.

Psylocke reveals that it was all a ruse, and her and Jubilee attack Mandarin. With the help of Wolverine, all three of them defeat Mandarin and get on a ship, sailing to an unknown location. Psylocke reveals her story as well.



  • Josef Rubinstein is credited as being an inker for this issue in Official Marvel Index to the X-Men (Vol. 2) #5 but is not credited in the issue itself.
  • Originally priced at $1.00 US and $1.25 Canada.
  • Ads in this issue include : [inside front cover] Taito, Taxan, American Entertainment Blow-Out, East Coast Comics, Castle Mammon and Gigantic New York Covention, Comic Collector, New England Comics, Bullpen Bulletins, The Complete Marvel Collection at Speacial Discount Prices, Incredible Savings, [inside back cover] TSR, [back cover] Aklaim

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