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Charlotte Jones

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Synopsis for "Hot Pursuit"

Forge is hunted by Genoshan Magistrates and chances upon officers Charlotte Jones and Murphy. In the ensuing fight, Murphy is killed by the Magistrates, and Forge and Jones are fighting for their lives. In the meantime, another team of Magistrates, as well as the Genoshan Press Gang, are set to attack X-Factor’s headquarters to abduct the fugitives Jenny Ransome and Phil Moreau. Forge and Jones manage to beat their attackers and lend a hand in time to save the others. Unfortunately, they learn that the Genoshans have struck a deal with the US government and will escape scot-free. Jenny and Phil decide to leave and start their civil rights campaign. Peter Nicholas leaves as well, despite Jean’s doubts that, as Colossus, he should be with them. In Washington, Val Cooper has another clandestine meeting with Russian super-spy Alexi Vazhin, who warns her of another big and dangerous player in the mutant world – the Shadow King – who may well be after her.

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