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Quote1.png Here I go. Alone. Armed. Facing impossible odds. Crawling through a ventilation duct. As Jubilee would no doubt say: "... eat your heart out, Bruce Willis!" Quote2.png

Appearing in "X-Tinction Agenda (part 7): Capital Crimes"

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Synopsis for "X-Tinction Agenda (part 7): Capital Crimes"

The captured members of the X-teams are put on trial in Genosha. They are offered to volunteer for the mutate bonding process, otherwise, they have to face death. All of them choose the latter and are brought to Cameron Hodge, who enjoys having so many "toys". The mechanical monster has Archangel and Wolverine fight each without restraints and forces the others to watch. Psylocke pretends to no longer bear the brutality and accepts being transformed into a mutate. Soon after she is led away she surprises her guards with her ninja skills and escapes.

The Genegineer Moreau and Tam Anderson decide that Hodge has finally snapped and plot behind his back. Outside the citadel Dr. Moreau orders a mutate to create a tunnel below the citadel; not aware that they are being watched by Rictor, Jubilee, and Boom-Boom.

Cameron Hodge murders Wipeout and frames Magistrate Havok for the crime, getting rid of both the only way for the X-Men to regain their powers and a possible opponent. Tam Anderson and Psylocke take mutate 20 (Storm) to the prisoners, who have just freed themselves thanks to Gambit’s lockpicking. Something strange happens as Storm hits Cyclops with lightning. Ororo is back to her former adult self and has washed off all effects of the mutate bonding process and Scott too got his optic blast back.


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