I am Ch'od.
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That is my "name", small mammal.
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Oh. Ah. I knew that. Yeek!
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Appearing in "The Path Not Taken!"

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Synopsis for "The Path Not Taken!"

The Starjammers, led by a mysterious Warlord force their way on the royal Behemoth flagship in order to return the Shi'ar Throne to Lilandra usurped by her sister Deathbird, the Starjammer found their welcome by the imperial guard, the X-Men are prisoners of Deathbird's pet Manacle. Wolverine frees himself with a little help of Jubilee but he is nearly killed by Deathbird. Meanwhile the Starjammers defeat the imperial guard and join with the recently freed X-Men. Wolverine recovers with his healing factor and hunts Deathbird and manages to capture her and bring her before Lilandra.

At the Savage Land, Rogue has teamed up with Ka-Zar and Nick Fury. Magneto has been made captive by Zaladane who tortures him and steal his powers through a device created by Brainchild. While Rogue and her team fight against Zaladane and the others, Magneto uses the device to regain his powers and then he kills Zaladane, he warns Rogue to abandon the citadel before he smashes it.

Back in Shi'ar Lilandra enjoys her victory over Deathbird and the Warlord reveals himself to be Charles Xavier, the Professor attacked to Oracle and Gladiator make them kneel before him.


  • This issue celebrates the 275th issue of the series, and is printed as a 48-page giant.


  • This issue was winner of the Eagle Award for 1990.
  • Banshee uses the Irish term "colleen", meaning "little girl", when talking to Jubilee.

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