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Quote1 Miss me, Charles? I have, you. Quote2
Shadow King

Appearing in "The Battle of Muir Island"

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Synopsis for "The Battle of Muir Island"

In his extradimensional realm alongside Lian Shen, the Shadow King observes and relishes various expressions of humanity’s hate, which he harnesses to empower himself. Lian Shen says Xavier and his X-Men have always defeated them; he says he will break them after all and replace Xavier’s dream of peaceful coexistence with his own dream of hate.

At W.H.O. headquarters, Professor X in a suit of Shi'ar armor steals the X-Men’s impounded Blackbird after subduing the guards and flies away with it. He is accompanied by Storm, who provides a fog screen for cover and leads him to the other X-Men, gathered in Scotland. The team plans to investigate the state of things on nearby Muir Island, fearing the worst.

On Muir Island, Moira MacTaggert oversees a gladiator-style combat between Rogue and Guido, which a ring of mutants observe with great bloodlust. Rogue wins the battle but seems apprehensive about Moira’s new bloodsport. Later in the showers, she has a vision of Shadow King, who encourages her evil side and kisses her.

The X-Men fly close to Muir Island and then individually fly or glide through its scanning defenses to reconnoiter. Banshee investigates Moira’s quarters, reflecting on their relationship and her recent aberrant behavior, and finds a suit of armor and sword that she has been using. Psylocke, meanwhile, finds the island’s residents gathered around the arena and telepathically shares the discovery with the rest of the team.

Legion discovers Storm skulking about and attacks her. The telepathic and physical attack stuns the others too; Banshee is assaulted by his own daughter Siryn, and Gambit is attacked by Madrox. Wolverine runs into Rogue and they fight, as Amanda Sefton unleashes a horde of demons onto Jubilee.

Elsewhere, Charles surveys the ruins of the X-Mansion, recently destroyed by Mr. Sinister. Out of nowhere a car tries to run him down, and crashes; its driver, Stevie Hunter is thrown clear. He is confronted by a projection of the Shadow King, who taunts him and shows him a vision of the defeated X-Men on Muir Island. He has another surprise for Xavier too – he has taken control of Colossus, who climbs out of the wreckage of the burning car, aiming to kill both Stevie Hunter and Charles.



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